Kamala Harris ignores question about tying hurricane relief to race

President Joe Biden promised to make “equity” the core of his agenda early on, and boy, he wasn’t lying.

Vice president Kamala Harris went to the extreme last week of racializing disaster aid for the victims of Hurricane Ian — but when given the chance to defend her comments, she ran away from a reporter.

Harris won’t defend “equity” remarks

A short clip shows Harris briefly making contact with a reporter as she walks past without a response to his question.

Harris was at a dinner for the Congressional Black Caucus, where she gave a speech touting the administration’s controversial “equity” initiatives such as race-based subsidies for aspiring black homeowners and Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, which Harris said would help black borrowers particularly.

“And together with this caucus, we place equality, equity, and justice at the center of our work,” she said.

A matter of life and death?

Harris had come under fire the day before for suggesting that the federal government would treat whites who are suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian as a lower priority.

“And so we have to address this in a way that is about giving resources based on equity, understanding that we fight for equality, but we also need to fight for equity, understanding not everyone starts out at the same place,” she said.

This isn’t the first time the administration has sought to inject “equity” in matters of life and death, having previously pushed for COVID treatments to be rationed based on race.

More gaslighting

While Harris is apparently unwilling to justify the administration’s latest racist policy, the White House isn’t exactly denying that it’s in play.

Biden’s FEMA director Deanne Criswell said she agrees with Harris’s premise that minorities “need our help the most,” although Criswell said whites won’t get shut out. Meanwhile, Biden’s press secretary said Biden is making it a priority to remove racial “barriers,” but all impacted communities will get help.

Then again, this is the same administration that insists the southern border is “closed,” so their credibility isn’t the greatest. Why can’t the White House just be frank with the American people?