Kamala Harris says religious people don’t have to choose between abortion and their faith

Kamala Harris is known for spewing philosophical word salad, but now she’s aiming higher and claiming to be a religious authority.

In the latest example of the Democratic party’s casual anti-Christian bigotry, Harris made the perplexing claim that people of faith can support abortion.

Harris attacks Christians

Harris had been asked how pro-choice beliefs can be reconciled with religious faith, and her answer was pretty much what one would expect.

According to Harris, the goodness of abortion is a “basic” truth that people of all faiths can acknowledge.

“One does not have to abandon their faith or their beliefs to agree that the government should not be making that decision for her,” she said to applause at a recent event. “So it’s — it’s literally that basic.”

For what it’s worth, large numbers of religious Americans do agree with Harris’s morally confused premise. A majority of Catholics, for example, are tolerant of abortion in all or most cases. But Rev. Lawrence R. Rast Jr., president of Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and a former Lutheran pastor, said Harris’s dime-store pop theology “trivialize the importance of one’s faith for making difficult decisions.”

“The Scriptures clearly teach that life is sacred from conception until natural death. And thus one cannot reconcile the Christian faith with the willful killing of children.”

The liberal cult

Democrats like Harris only seem to tolerate Christianity when they think they can use its teachings to further an agenda, Dr. Bart Barber, a pastor and president of the Southern Baptist Convention, noted.

While Democrats tell Christians that they must embrace more immigration or repudiate Donald Trump in order to be good Christians, when it comes to abortion, Democrats demand that Christians “divorce our faith from our moral and political decisions,” Barber said.

It may appear to some that Harris is dictating to others how to practice their religion, but she insisted that abortion advocates are, by no means, trying to “convert” anyone.

“There’s nothing about this movement that in any way is trying to convert people, to change people in terms of what are their deeply held beliefs as it relates to their faith. There’s nothing at all about that.  It’s simply saying the government shouldn’t be telling an individual woman what to do,” Harris said.

Of course, converting is exactly what Harris is doing, and she’s not alone there. Joe Biden is known for his cavalier use of religious language to justify the left’s depraved ideas, even claiming that abortion is a natural right derived from God.