Kamala Harris says she can’t wait to end Senate filibuster

Vice President Kamala Harris said on Saturday that she can’t wait to end the filibuster in the Senate.

Harris shared the remark during a speech at the Democratic National Committee’s summer meeting in Maryland.

The goal

“With just two more seats in the Senate, we can codify Roe v. Wade, we can put the protections of Roe in law,” Harris said.

“With two more seats in the United States Senate we can pass the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Two more seats,” she added.

The countdown

“You know, our President Joe Biden, he’s been clear. He’s kinda done with those archaic Senate rules that are standing in the way of those two issues,” Harris said of the filibuster.

“He’s made that clear and has said that he will not allow that to obstruct those two issues. And, you know, for me, as vice president, I’m also president of the Senate.… I cannot wait to cast the deciding vote to break the filibuster on voting rights and reproductive rights. I cannot wait! Fifty-nine days,” she added.

The filibuster requires a 60-vote supermajority on most legislation to pass in the Senate. The Senate is currently tied 50-50 giving Harris the tiebreaking vote.

The goal of ending the filibuster has been repeatedly shared since Democrats took the advantage in the Senate along with President Joe Biden’s win.

The change would only help when Democrats are in power, however. With Republicans in power without a filibuster, Democrats could face the opposite issue of losing to a GOP agenda.