Kamala Harris tells boy she can be her "plus one" on any potential space flight

 April 23, 2023

Despite chairing the National Space Council, Vice President Kamala Harris has thus far made no plans to leave Earth's atmosphere.

However, the vice president recently confirmed that if she does go into orbit then there is someone who will be going with her. 

Harris tells boy he can be her "plus one"

According to NBC's "Today," Harris made the announcement last week during an appearance on the "Jennifer Hudson Show."

The vice president was being interviewed by 10-year-old Jeremiah Fennell, a journalist who suffers from a brain defect and a detached shoulder bone.

At one point during their exchange, Fennell asked Harris if she had ever considered traveling to outer space and how long she would be willing to stay there.

"Is that a request?" a chuckling Harris said before adding, "I would go to space, if I could. There are people on my team who do know that, but sadly there are those that would prefer that I would stay on Earth for the time being."

Vice president touts supposed success on border crisis

When the young reporter asked, "But if you go and they let you have a plus one, can I be that plus one?" Harris was quick to say that he could, leading Fennell to smile and pump his fist.

Nevertheless, critics of the vice president would likely contend that she should concern herself with problems on this planet before venturing elsewhere.

Fox News reported in February that Harris touted her supposed success in addressing the crisis along America's southern border.

Border Patrol chief says DHS lacks "operational control"

Yet just over a month later, Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz told members of the House Homeland Security Committee in a hearing last month that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) lacks "operational control" of America's southern border.

What's more, Ortiz told Oklahoma Republican Rep. Josh Brecheen that he disagreed with President Joe Biden's decision to halt construction of his predecessor's border wall.

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