Kamala Harris to make late-night debut Monday with Seth Meyers

Late-night TV has been a reliable conduit of Democratic party propaganda for some years, and the Biden administration is looking to keep the tradition alive.

Kamala Harris will sit down for her first late-night network interview as vice president on Monday evening with Seth Myers, the New York Post reported.

Harris to make late-night debut

Viewers can be sure to hear from Harris about abortion and Republican “extremism,” with the critical midterm elections only weeks away.

The interview comes more than two years after Harris appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers in June 2020.

Harris lost her cool during her only other late-night appearance as vice president last year, when Charlamagne the God asked whether President Biden is really in charge.

“C’mon, Charlamagne. No, no, no, no, it’s Joe Biden,” she said. “And don’t start talking like a Republican, about asking whether or not he’s president. … It’s Joe Biden and I’m vice president and my name is Kamala Harris.”

It will be interesting to see if Myers has enough integrity to poke fun at Harris a bit, or if he will default to obsequious flattery.

Another softball interview?

If the dismal trajectory of late-night “comedy” is any indication, there will be plenty of kowtowing in the mix.

President Biden, whose approval ratings are underwater, has had two softball interviews so far with late-night propagandists Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon, who was blasted back in 2016 for interviewing then-candidate Donald Trump, gave Biden a light ribbing about his unpopularity while praising Biden for “bringing class back to the office.”

During his interview with Kimmel, Biden joked — or was he joking? — that the solution for dealing with Republican opposition is to “send them to jail,” to applause.

“I often get asked. Look, the Republicans don’t play it square, why do you play it square? Well guess what, if we do the same thing they do our democracy would literally be in jeopardy,” Biden said. “Not a joke.”