Kamala Harris touts plans that continue to hurt Americans

Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Buffalo, New York, this week to promote the climate change benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act.

She called climate change the top issue among young people during the 2020 election as she spoke to students at the University of Buffalo on Wednesday.

Front and center

“It is front and center on their minds for good reason. In your lifetime, your generation has experienced every one of the 10 hottest summers on record,” Harris said.

“You have seen your communities decimated by wildfires, flooded by hurricanes and choked by drought. Here in Buffalo you have watched as toxic algae has spread through Lake Erie,” she added.

The rest of the story

While the act may offer funding for climate change programs, it doesn’t reduce inflation, as even MSNBC has noted.

The network’s Andrea Mitchell called out the concern, while Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren has no reasonable answer in response.

The plan approves billions of taxpayer dollars for non-essential programs that will drive up inflation more.

Instead of helping the nation, the Inflation Reduction Act adds a tax burden that could impact an entire generation.

Sadly, many are completely unaware of the problems with the plan, as the left pushes through yet another policy that fails to help the American people.