Kansas Gov. Kelly flip-flops on key transgender issue

Should a biological-male, transgender-female be allowed to participate in female sports? Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly (D) just can’t make up her mind.

Breitbart News reports that Kelly, after previously saying that transgender females ought not to be competing in female sports, has now switched to saying that they should be allowed to. 

“We all agree there”

This is one of those issues in which not all Democrats are in agreement. And, Kelly can’t even seem to find agreement within herself.

Kelly recently put out a campaign ad, saying, “of course, men should not play girls’ sports.” Kelly, here, was responding to criticism that she has received from her Republican opponent, Derek Schmidt.

“You may have seen my opponents’ attacks,” Kelly says in the advertisement. “So, let me just say it: of course, men should not play girls sports. Ok, we all agree there.”

The thing is, as Schmidt subsequently pointed out, Kelly actually has supported allowing transgender females to play in biological female sports for years.

“Liberal Laura Kelly, in a desperate new ad, says ‘of course’ men should not play women’s sports,” Schmidt tweeted. “But she vetoed Fairness in Women’s Sports TWICE. She’s been with Biden on this for years, now at reelection time she lies.”

Kelly explains

Kelly, here, ended up getting herself stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place. So, she recently took an interview with The Kansas City Star in order to try to rationalize her advertisement.

The Star reports:

Kelly denied that her ad was specifically targeted at transgender student-athletes when given the example of a 16-year-old high school student. Instead, she claimed her ad was talking about “a male over the age of 18” who wanted to compete with girls — implying that her comments were about age rather than just gender identity.

Kelly is then quoted as saying, “the ad that I put out was to respond to the misleading attacks that my opponent has put out that I favor letting men play in girls’ sports,” Kelly said. “I have never said that.”

Well, that settles it. Or, does it?

Kelly comes off as just another Democrat desperately saying anything to get elected.