Kari Lake ‘100% confident’ of winning, but the votes might not be there

Arizona Republican candidate for governor Kari Lake says she’s confident of a win, but the votes aren’t adding up, which could create a major controversy in the state.

The problem has been magnified by voting issues in Maricopa County which has still not completed its count of the midterm election results.

The concern

“The malfunction with printers that dragged on for some 7-8 hours during the important first waves of voting was a big deal, affecting 30% of Maricopa County voting centers,” AZ Central reported.

“Even if that has no impact on outcomes, Republican voters are furious. Nerves were already on edge as they always are Election Day, but the breakdown put a torch on them. Add to that Kari Lake’s foolish declarations that she has already won and we’re looking at a potential crisis,” it added.

The votes

“As of Thursday morning, Ms. Hobbs, a Democrat, had 50.3 percent of the votes counted to 49.7 percent for Ms. Lake, a pro-Trump former TV broadcaster,” the Independent reported.

“The difference in votes counted for the two candidates in the state currently stands at more than 13,000,” it added.

Regardless of the outcome, it appears a longtime controversy will continue. Maricopa County was the source of much frustration during the 2020 election, with some questions never fully resolved.

Lake’s battle with the county could lead to legal battles that delay the official decision regarding who will win.

Voters are also expected to be upset, recognizing the flaws in the state’s voting system that continue to cause problems on Election Day.