Kari Lake asks court to overturn election results

 December 13, 2022

According to Fox News, Arizona's Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs managed to beat Republican challenger Kari Lake in the state's hotly contested gubernatorial race by just half a percentage point.

Lake has refused to recognize those results, however, and she moved last week to challenge them in court. 

Lake asks to be declared governor or given a new election

The Washington Post reported that Lake filed a 70-page lawsuit in Maricopa County on Friday, less than five days after the state certified its election results.

The suit calls for either "setting aside the certified result of the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election and declaring that Kari Lake is the winner of the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election" or conducting a new election.

"The Election Day debacle … preclude[s] the Defendants in this action from certifying Hobbs as the winner of the election," the Post quoted Lake's lawsuit as asserting.

Specifically, the lawsuit pointed to allegations that illegal votes were accepted while legitimate ballots from Republican voters were excluded.

The Wall Street Journal reported that some 43% of voting centers in Maricopa County experience some form of counting problems due to technical issues with their printers.

Still, election officials in Maricopa County insisted that those concerns did not impede voting since ballots that could not be counted by machine were hand processed later.

Hobbs' former campaign manager dismisses case as a "nuisance lawsuit"

For her part, Hobbs responded by tweeting out a response from her former campaign manager, Nicole DeMont, which dismissed Lake's lawsuit as a "sham."

"Kari Lake needs attention like a fish needs water--and independent experts and local election officials of both parties have made clear that this was a safe, secure, and fair election," DeMont declared.

"Arizonans made their voices heard and elected Katie Hobbs as their governor," the former campaign manager continued.

"No nuisance lawsuit will change that, and we remain laser focused on getting ready to hit the ground running on Day One of Katie Hobbs' administration next year," she concluded.

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