Kari Lake narrows vote gap to 4,094 votes with 600,000 left to count

A rather wide early lead by Arizona gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs (D) over Republican challenger Kari Lake (R) has now narrowed to only 4,094 votes with nearly 600,000 left to count. 

“Katie Hobbs’s lead over Kari Lake has now shrunk to 4,750 votes,” independent journalist Cameron Arcand initially tweeted on Wednesday night.


He then updated, “Correction: 4,094 votes.”

The reports have given Republicans hope that they will win the governorship and several other local races that initially trended Democrat.

Lake seemed confident that she would win the race when all the votes are counted.

“Don’t let them put doubt in you,” she told supporters on Wednesday. “We have a movement and we know it.”

What about Blake Masters?

Many on Twitter had hope that Republicans would make a strong enough showing in the last 600,000 votes to bring Senate candidate Blake Masters across the finish line, beating incumbent Democrat Mark Kelly to give Republicans more confidence that they will regain the majority.

An even closer race in the House was the Colorado race of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R), who was only 60 votes behind her Democrat challenger Adam Frisch.

Truly, every vote does count, and you never know when your vote will decide an election.