Following initial voting machine problems, Kari Lake now poised to possibly win Arizona governor’s race

The Arizona gubernatorial election held on Tuesday between Republican candidate Kari Lake and Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs has yet to be called, in part due to a substantial error that occurred at dozens of polling locations across Maricopa County on Election Day.

Despite that error that anecdotally appears to have mostly impacted predominately Republican precincts, and regardless of initial media projections that Hobbs would be victorious, it now looks like Lake may ultimately be declared the winner of the exceptionally close race once all of the ballots are counted, The Western Journal reported.

Voting machine issues roil Maricopa County voters

On the morning of Election Day, there were widespread issues involving ballot tabulation machines in at least 60 polling locations — about a quarter of all locations in the county — that resulted in long lines or voters being forced to cast their ballot in a different precinct.

It was eventually determined that the problem stemmed from poorly printed ballots that couldn’t be read by the scanners, and was correct shortly thereafter. Meanwhile, voters who had encountered the issue had to either wait for the machines to be fixed, drop their unscanned ballot in a special box and trust that it would be scanned later, or cast their ballot elsewhere.

Later that evening, after the polls had closed and votes were being tallied, it initially appeared that Hobbs had jumped out to a huge lead of around 14 percentage points and nearly 200,000 votes.

Yet, by the next morning, that lead had been diminished to less than one percent and some projections now suggest that Lake could actually emerge as the victor once all is said and done.

Hundreds of thousands of ballots yet to be counted

Per the latest update of the unofficial election results, Democrat Hobbs still leads Republican Lake by around 31,000 votes out of more than 2 million ballots counted thus far, for a margin of 50.72 percent for Hobbs to 49.28 percent for Lake.

However, as of Friday night’s update on ballot progress, it is estimated that there are around 370,000 ballots that have not yet been counted, with the vast majority of those, slightly less than 275,000, from Maricopa County.

Further, some data analysts have expressed their informed belief that most of the remaining ballots to be counted are from Election Day or last-minute early drop-offs of absentee ballots that morning, which tend to favor Lake and suggest that she will eventually surpass Hobbs and win the race.

Lake predicts “with 100 percent certainty” that she will win

On Friday night, Lake appeared on Fox News with host Tucker Carlson and decried the terrible mess of how Arizona handles its elections and vowed to immediately address the issue once she became governor to try and restore public confidence in the integrity of the electoral processes.

A significant factor in the public’s “distrust” of the current processes, particularly for this race, is that Hobbs is the incumbent Secretary of State who refused to recuse herself from her duties that involve overseeing the counting of ballots in her own race for governor.

“The people of Arizona are fed up, and when we win — and rest assured, we will, with 100 percent certainty, we will win — one of the first things I’m gonna do on Day One is call a special session, bring the legislature in, and say ‘fix these elections and restore honesty and transparency so we can have faith in our elections once again,'” Lake said.