Kari Lake says she is ‘100 percent’ confident of victory in Arizona governor race

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake says she is “100 percent” confident she will pull through in her cliff-hanger race against Democrat Katie Hobbs, as ballot counting continues days after Election Day.

The election had not been called as of Friday night, with Lake running about a point behind Hobbs.

Lake makes a bold prediction

The dilated process, which is expected to last through the weekend, has caused outrage. There were some 400,00 ballots remaining as of Friday night, according to Garret Archer, abc15’s data analyst.

Lake told Fox she is certain that the remaining batches of ballots will put her over the top.

“I am 100% going to win. I have absolute 100% confidence that I will be the next governor of Arizona,” she said.

Lake has become known as a top protege and potential future running mate of Donald Trump, whose status as the GOP’s leader has come under attack following the party’s overall disappointing performance in the election.

“I personally hope that he runs again. I think he will run. And if he does, I think he will win,” she told Fox.

Masters loses

While Lake has not alleged any fraud is taking place in her race with Hobbs, she has accused election officials in Arizona’s biggest county, Maricopa, of intentionally delaying the results to Hobbs’ advantage.

“They count all the Democrat votes early, and the really reliable Republican ballots are the last to be counted,” Lake told Tucker Carlson on Friday.

Hobbs, whose role in managing elections as the Secretary of State has also raised questions, controversially refused to debate Lake before the election.

Although Lake has a clear shot at victory, Republican Blake Masters lost Arizona’s Senate race on Friday night after trailing Lake by a couple of points.

Masters’ defeat to Mark Kelly means that Democrats have scored at least 49 Senate seats, with races still undecided in Nevada, where an agonizing ballot counting process is also playing out, and Georgia, which will hold a runoff in December.