Kari Lake vows to ‘secure the border’

Kari Lake, the Republican candidate for Arizona’s governorship, just vowed to secure the U.S.-Mexico border if elected. 

Lake made the vow during an interview that she did with Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Saturday.

She began by describing the dire situation at the southern border, noting that “we’ve had more than 5 million people come here illegally; a million of them are ‘got aways.'”

Lake then highlighted the dangers of not having a secure border, pointing to illegal immigrants with “bad backgrounds,” to “human and drug trafficking,” and more.

Lake’s plan

After her overview of the southern border crisis, Lake explained the steps she plans to take to secure the Arizona -Mexico border should she be elected. The first thing that Lake said she would do is to declare an invasion.

“This is truly an invasion, and we have legal law to set us up,” Lake said.

Lake also pointed to some of the steps taken by Gov. Doug Ducey (R), including putting up barriers. She further noted the legal battle that Arizona is in with the federal government, expressing her belief that Arizona will “win this battle because it is our border.”

Lake finally said that, if elected, to combat the southern border crisis, she also plans to halt “all environmental laws,” arguing that “ocelots and squirrels and crickets are going to have to take a little break while we get our borders under control.”

Looking ahead to the midterms

Lake is facing off against Democrat Kaite Hobbs in the race for Arizona’s governorship, and Lake is favored to come out on top.

Real Clear Politics has Lake leading Hobbs, on average, by 1.8 percentage points, 49.2% to 47.4%. FiveThirtyEight similarly has Lake “slightly favored” to win, with Lake beating Hobbs in 63 out of 100 scenarios.

Lake, who has aligned herself with former President Donald Trump – who has endorsed her – has proven to be a formidable Republican candidate, standing up to whatever has been thrown at her by the Democrats. A former news anchor, Lake has done so well that there has even been talk of a future presidential run.

First things first, though, which is winning the Arizona governorship. Such a strong stance on the southern border crisis will certainly help her to achieve victory.