Karl Rove says Trump’s problems “are of his own creation”

Former President Donald Trump has long had a tense relationship with members of the Republican Party’s establishment.

That fact was on display again this week when long-time GOP strategist Karl Rove attacked Trump over his alleged possession of classified documents. 

“A lot of the former president’s problems are of his own creation”

According to Newsweek, Rove went after Trump during a Wednesday interview with Fox News host Martha MacCallum.

“Let’s be clear on this: None of these government documents are [Trump’s] to have taken,” Rove was quoted as telling MacCallum. He added, “I agree…that a lot of the former president’s problems are of his own creation.”

“But why the former president packed up 20, nearly 30-some-odd boxes, of material when he had no right to do so [remains unknown],” Rove continued. “That’s what the government asserts incidentally in [Tuesday’s] filing.”

Rove was referring to a 36-page court filing from the Department of Justice (DOJ) that was released to the public on Tuesday.

It alleged that government documents “were likely concealed and removed” while “efforts were likely taken to obstruct the government’s investigation.”

Former prosecutor says an indictment may not stop Trump from running

While Rove has expressed opposition to the idea of Trump running again in 2024, former Assistant United States Attorney Andy McCarthy told Fox News this week that the former president’s legal troubles may not be an insurmountable barrier.

“The fact is, constitutionally, there’s nothing that prevents somebody who is either under investigation, convicted or even in prison for running for president,” McCarthy explained.

“There’s nothing in the Constitution that says you can’t,” the former prosecutor continued, adding, “You would think that the American voter will decide how much of a hamstring that you want on somebody who’s either running for or carrying out the duties of the presidency.”

“But I think we’re getting way ahead of ourselves,” McCarthy stressed. “I’m not so sure this won’t all play out until after the midterms.”

“And I’m not convinced that the Democrats may not decide that they prefer a wounded Trump with the possibility of indictment hanging over his head to an indicted defendant.”