Former Rep. Katie Hill says Gaetz should ‘resign immediately’ if allegations against him are true

Critics of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), particularly his Democratic colleagues, are increasing their calls for him to resign amid a complex sex scandal.

Even former Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA), whom Gaetz defended during her own scandal involving the leak of a nude photo and salacious rumors, is now applying pressure on him to step down.

“Even a fraction of truth”

The Florida Republican is accused of footing the bill for a 17-year-old girl to travel with him as well as showing photos of nude women to his fellow lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

As Hill wrote in a piece for Vanity Fair this week, she believes he should “resign immediately” if “there is even a fraction of truth” to the allegations against him.

The two lawmakers appeared to have struck up a bipartisan friendship amid Hill’s controversy when Gaetz tweeted: “Who among us would look perfect if every ex leaked every photo/text? Katie isn’t being investigated by Ethics or maligned because she hurt anyone — it is because she is different.”

Gaetz subsequently attracted criticism for adopting a Cuban teen, prompting Hill to return the kind gesture.

“He talks about Nestor more than anything, has done so much for his son & is truly a proud dad,” she tweeted at the time.

“Not anything else”

Initially, Hill approached the latest Gaetz scandal with the hope “that the investigation would ultimately clear him.”

In the wake of accusations that he passed around nude photos of at least two women, however, Hill seems to have switched from a defender to an attacker, noting the similarities between her own experience and the allegations against Gaetz.

She went on to assert that a 17-year-old “is a girl, not a woman,” and that statutory rape “is rape, not anything else.”

For his part, Gaetz continues to deny that any of the allegations are true. In fact, he claims that his family was the victim of an extortion attempt to the tune of $25 million — and the man he accused of being involved in it has since admitted he asked for the money.

Bob Kent said the request was not extortion, however, but an effort to raise funds to rescue a missing FBI agent. Gaetz claims to have evidence that supports his claims and is calling on federal investigators to release the information.

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36 Responses


    1. I’m concerned what the dems will do next!! They are guilty of all these crimes but they never pay for their crimes!!!

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    1. What the hell are you talking about, it’s common knowledge, and overly documented, he should have been jailed or executed months ago for treasonous activities against our United States of America!! This is consorting and sharing secrets with the enemy !!Tom

    2. Certainly is, not to mention Cuomo, Mr sniffer B, son Hunter B , for starters. All Democrats by the way.😡

  3. Are there any patriotic whistleblowers in the CIA, DOJ and FBI that can put an end to all this crap! Let alone the 2020 election fraud. One starts…. the dominos will fall!Lee C

  4. Were is Hill codemming Coumo? How hypocritical are the Dems. Lets wait and see what the evidence shows.

  5. Let’s talk about Hunter Biden and China Joe honestly— how about Harris and her real past . Not going to happen because they owe the media and FBI. Sad this country is gone!

  6. Question. When a democrat is accused of something, it is denied, not reported on and rarely is there a resignation. When a Republican is accused of something it is reported as the truth, even without any corroborating evidence, and immediate resignation is demanded. Guilty before proven innocent is the new standard for Republicans?

  7. First Eric so well should resign he’s the one with the Chinese spy and she still involved with his family. And I’m sure she’s getting information for China we the people are getting tired of this double standard why are they always right and we’re always wrong America we have to start standing up for our rights

  8. I agree with Lynn who posted above. It really depends politics. The democrats has a financial backing from all the Soros, the Facebook owner ,the Gates and all the wealthy senators that give themselves generous tax payers
    raise. The Congress members add laws to cover anything they want. I live in a Democrat state, I get emails to donate, I know that it is impossible to get backing for the causes of republicians, God bless all.

  9. Why should he resign? Nothing has been proven and think of all the Democrats who HAVE done things that were proven and they are still in office. Democrats will stop at nothing to take over every corner of our lives. Gun control today and who knows what tomorrow. Gripe and complain all we want but until we actually DO something we get what we allow.

    1. One of my pet peeves, Nancy, with this website and others like it. Their headlines are always misleading and sensationalized! I’ve sent this feedback directly to some of them, but no response, of course. 🙁

  10. Yes again it is ok if it is a DEMOCRAT they will do all they can to cover it up as soon as possible it does not matter what they do ,let a REPUBLICAN do any thing they will try ever thing they can to Destroy that person. THAT IS THE SO CALLED NEWS PEOPLE THAT WE HAVE TODAY THEY ARE SO DAM RIDICULOUS ONE SIDED THAT IT IS A WAST OF TIME TO WATCH, WHAT HAPPENED TO REPORTING THE TRUTH THAT IS WHAT THE NEWS IS SUPPOSED TO BE NOT LIES OR MORE COVER UP , THERE WAS A TIME WHEN THEY REPORTED FACTS NOT ANY MORE .

    1. I agree with you, they are the children of Satan and will need to repent and change their lives befor God comes tomearth again.

  11. I’m concerned what the dems will do next!! They are guilty of all these crimes but they never pay for their crimes!!!

  12. Gaetz should NOT resign! This is a smear campaign because he speaks out against Biden! Name even ONE demonrat who has not done worse things. Their philandering is touted loudly, but a false accusation against a Republican is taken as truth. Look at slick willie Clinton, not to mention Cuomo who truly are predators. No repercussions there!

  13. Why should he resign as long as it is only accusations, they have NOT come up with any facts as of yet, and most likely won’t…
    Why the left is doing this, is because Matt was a great defender of former President Trump……..The left will smear ANYBODY, who opens their mouth and says anything THEY do not like……….

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