Megyn Kelly blasts Soledad O’Brien over criticism of Fox News’ Janice Dean

Fox News personality Janice Dean took to Twitter earlier this month to criticize Dr. Anthony Fauci for praising New York state’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and in response, liberal journalist Soledad O’Brien tweeted dismissively, “Meteorologist weighs in.”

However, the Washington Examiner reported that former Fox News personality Megyn Kelly wasn’t very impressed with O’Brien’s commentary on Dean, and she let her know why in very public fashion.

The three-way dispute began on July 18 when Dean retweeted footage of Fauci saying that the Empire State handled the crisis “correctly,” remarks that she characterized as being “garbage,” given her own family’s tragic experience with COVID-19 in which both of her husband’s parents died of the illness, one in an assisted living facility and one in a nursing home.

Kelly enters the fray

In reponse to O’Brien’s mockery of Dean’s profession, Kelly tweeted, “That “meteorologist’s” name is @JaniceDean. She’s a working mom w/MS who is married to a hero 9/11 fireman.”

“She lost both in-laws in NY nursing homes thx to Cuomo’s disastrous orders & so yeah, she gets an opinion,” Kelly continued. “She also epitomizes class & kindness. Remember those?”

O’Brien didn’t take kindly to Kelly’s interjection, tweeting, “Expert in Blackface weighs in,” a snide reference to Kelly’s 2018 statement that during her childhood it was not viewed as problematic that she dressed up as Diana Ross for Halloween, a remark for which Kelly later apologized.

In a subsequent tweet, O’Brien went on to ask, “What did I do to deserve the Blackface lady tweeting at me while I’m still in bed?” She also complained, “This doesn’t bode well for my day, tbh.”

Kelly shot back, “Oh let me help you! You attacked a woman grieving her dead relatives for challenging the narrative that NY handled corona just great, dismissing her as too small to have an opinion bc she’s just a meteorologist.”

Dean slams Cuomo

Dean had written an op-ed for USA Today earlier this month in which she slammed New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) response to the COVID-19 crisis. Among his most controversial decisions during the pandemic was to force nursing homes to accept patients that had tested positive for coronavirus.

“Our most vulnerable loved ones could not protect themselves,” Dean lamented in the piece, according to Fox News. “But Governor Cuomo is too busy trying to protect himself and rewrite history.”

“He goes on CNN all the time to yuck it up with his brother while many of us wonder if any talk show host will ask questions about the nursing home tragedy,” Dean added, referencing the governor’s frequent appearances on his brother Chris Cuomo’s prime time program, one of which featured the latter brother using an over-sized Q-tip prop to joke about the size of his elder brother’s nose.

Kudos to Dean for shining on light on Gov. Cuomo’s deadly negligence and to Kelly for exposing O’Brien as the heartless bully her comments revealed her to be.

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