Kentucky Republicans consider bill that would penalize rioters for insulting police officers

Violent protests and riots, unfortunately, have become a regular occurrence in many American cities over the past year, and they often feature left-wing agitators hurling nasty insults at police officers.

But those insults could soon come to a halt in at least one state. The Washington Examiner reports that a bill being considered in Kentucky means that the potty-mouth rioters could face unwanted consequences if they’re caught insulting law enforcement officers. 

What does the bill say?

The legislation would make it illegal to accost an officer with “offensive or derisive words” or “gestures or physical contact” that a “reasonable and prudent person” would see as likely to provoke a violent response.

Introduced by Republican state Sen. Danny Carroll, the bill would make violators liable for a $250 fine and up to three months of incarceration. Those convicted could also be stripped of public assistance for up to three months.

“This is not about lawful protest in any way, shape, form, or fashion,” said Carroll, a retired law enforcement officer.

“This country was built on lawful protest, and it’s something that we must maintain — our citizens’ right to do so,” he added. “What this deals with are those who cross the line and commit criminal acts.”

First Amendment violation?

However, the Examiner noted that Democrats have already raised First Amendment concerns over Carroll’s bill, arguing that it runs afoul of the freedom of speech granted to the protesters.

One opponent of the legislation is Democratic state Sen. David Yates, who suggested that police officers are unlikely to react violently to provocation.

“I don’t believe that any of my good officers are going to be provoked to a violent response because somebody does a ‘yo mama’ joke or whatnot,” Yates said.

Anti-police violence remains a problem

As the Examiner reported, Carroll’s bill has already passed in a Senate committee, with seven members voting in favor and three in opposition of the controversial bill. While the new legislation could come up for a vote in the full state Senate next week, it’s not clear whether the state House will take it up before calling a recess.

Anti-police sentiment remains strong in some quarters, a fact that was on display in Tacoma, Washington earlier this year when demonstrators rioted over an incident involving an illegal drag race.

Fox News reported that rioters engaged in wide-spread vandalism and targeted law enforcement facilities. “They tried to break prisoners out of the local jail by trying to pull down the fencing. It was as bad as you might expect,” a witness to the event reportedly said.

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25 Responses

  1. I think that this bill is a good idea. After all, we have laws against other kinds of hate speech, why not a law against hate police speech?

    1. That is the most sensible law suggested any time lately – to outlaw hate speech against the police ; hate for the police performing their lawfully appointed DUTY to enforce laws !!! Thank you, Sharon R !!!
      Tom Streets

    2. This would — at the very least teach offenders — a basic law of physics: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction (or something like that)! This law is very likely to teach (some) that there is a minimum threshold of civility that must not be crossed, unless one is willing to accept the consequences!

    3. The VP will set up an account to pay their fines as she did in some of the riots. I don’t know what people were thinking when they voted them in, but, then I believe 20k were over the age of 100 that “voted” and I am sure lots of folks crawled out of the casket, voted and crawled back in. If not for that we would be safe with Trump still President.

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  3. Where has this guy been? They don’t do “ yo mama” jokes! They call them vile names, threaten them, throw objects at them etc. he needs to be on the streets with the officers and really see what goes on, then he can speak to the situation from an officer’s perspective!

  4. We need good policemen and women. Don’t penalize all because of a few. I wear a mask that supports police and I can’t tell you how many have said thank you. My mask is the flag with the thin blue line on it.

    My husband’s son was a policeman but retired now. My next door neighbor is also a retired policeman.

    1. I think everyone should walk into their local police and tell them how much they are appreciated……….Tell them we have their backs…………

  5. It’s about time. Respect law enforcement or pay a price. Just like when President Trump signed an executive order for anybody who destroyed federal property to go to prison for 10 years. Not one more single building was burned or destroyed. It works!!!

  6. In Seattle the Police Chief was a good person and good Police Chief. Yet Jenny Durkin, the Mayor, sided with the Protesters and the Chop that was a supposed organized group. Two people got killed at this peaceful protest. This is not the only violence. The Police are overworked, underpaid and it’s dangerous. Yet we have violence, burning businesses, looting, rioting and so on. Then a Police Officer makes a bad decision. Someone gets hurt or dies. Defund the Police is encouraged. Wrong. Maybe more training, a raise, or more Police Officers is a better answer. Then people do not look at the whole situation. Did he or she have criminal intentions? Answer and actions are difficult to judge unless you are there. Violence is up. Some people are stupid. Defund the criminals. These are the people that need harsher sentences to encourage less crime. Do it. Most leaders in the White House now have security. Regular Joes do not. That is the unfortunate truth.

    1. I admire and respect the law. Our bible upholds the law and those officers are God’s avengers. All those law breakers need to be rounded up and made to work and pay for the damages they created.

  7. I believe this bill would do goods for the State of Kentucky. In future with the right governor for each States should follow with this bill.
    The word “Antifa” where or who had created this terrorist violent? We need to bring them to justice and rehabilitate for the cause they had done.

  8. Great idea, people have no idea what police officers go through every time they go to work. To insult them is insane.They should be arrested. Let them think a little.


  10. This Antifa is like the horrible Nazi’s during WWII and should be OUTLAWED immediately. How long are the American people going to put up with this destructive group of people? They serve no one but themselves and certainly don’t add to any benefits for any normal, thinking American. Besides, people who are supporting them, like Soros, should immediately be found guilty and removed from American soil.

  11. All officers of the Louisville P.D. should use your common sense and leave or retire now before you end up prosecuted or in jail. Look at the judge who just dismissed the charge against Kenneth Walker. Thinks will only get worse in your police department with judges like that and prosecutors who believe lying criminals more that police.
    Live and learn or be damned.

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