Kevin McCarthy appears to have reached an agreement to avoid shutdown

September 18, 2023

According to the Washington Examiner, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has put together a deal to prevent the federal government from shutting down this month. 

The agreement reportedly consists of a 31-day continuing resolution that contains all the elements of a border security bill passed earlier this year except for an E-verify requirement.

Supporters highlight migrant crisis

According to the Examiner, Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy was one of the lawmakers who negotiated the continuing resolution.

During a fiery speech from the House floor last Friday, Roy threatened to withhold funding from the Biden administration unless it secures America's southern border.

"A complete abandonment of the job and the responsibility of the federal government leaving the state of Texas $10 billion poorer while it tries to do the job the federal government is supposed to do," Roy said.

Division within GOP caucus

Fellow Republicans South Dakota Rep Dusty Johnson and Florida Rep. Byron Donalds also played a role in putting the deal together.

Johnson told the Examiner, "Congress needs to keep the government open and secure the border. These are issues that united the six negotiators and should unite the conference."

Meanwhile, Donalds defended it in the face of criticism from Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, tweeting, "Matt, tell the people the truth. The DOJ will operate whether the government is shut down or not."

"Special Counsel's have always exempted themselves from shutdowns. What's your plan to get the votes to defund Jack Smith? You'll need more than tweets and hot takes!!" Donalds declared.

Ten Republicans say they won't support resolution

The Examiner reported that in addition to Gaetz, nine other Republicans have also pledged not to vote for the resolution.

They are North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop, Florida Rep. Cory Mills, Montana Rep. Matt Rosendale, Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett, Indiana Rep. Victoria Spartz, Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Arizona Rep. Eli Crane, Florida Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, and Rep. Andy Biggs.

Some, such as Gaetz stressed their opposition to Special Counsel Jack Smith's investigation into former President Donald Trump while others complained that it did not include sufficient spending cuts.

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