Kevin McCarthy predicts GOP will make history in November midterms

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) anticipates that Republicans will make history in the November midterms according to an interview on Saturday.

McCarthy shared the comments during an interview on Breitbart News Saturday.

The prediction

“We’re just a short time away from hopefully making some history here,” McCarthy said.

“It seems like that’s the case. But that always makes me nervous,” he added.

Not the only one

Republican strategist Karl Rove also predicts a red wave of wins during the November midterms.

He joined Brian Kilmeade on Fox News Saturday to share his predictions that include a likely upset with Republican Senate candidate Dr. Oz defeating Democrat John Fetterman.

The news came after a hot mic moment that recorded Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) telling President Joe Biden that the seat is “in danger,” but suggesting that the party was “picking up steam” in Nevada.

The House could easily flip Republican under the current polls, with the 50-50 Senate still uncertain regarding who will take control.

It’s likely that Republicans could win in both chambers, putting a damper on the left’s radical legislative agenda.