Kevin Spacey rushed to hospital over feared heart attack

 October 5, 2023

Kevin Spacey was rushed to the hospital after he began experiencing symptoms of a heart attack while visiting Uzbekistan. 

The House of Cards actor said he felt his arm go totally numb for about eight seconds while sightseeing in the ancient city of Samarkand.

A source told The Sun that Spacey "was treated professionally by doctors and staff and found to have no problem with his heart.”

Kevin Spacey health scare

Spacey shared the story with the Tashkent International Film Festival Monday evening. He said he was touring Afrasiyab Museum earlier that day after a stop at a mausoleum when he lost the feeling in his arm.

"I was looking at these extraordinary murals on the walls, and I suddenly felt my entire left arm go numb for about eight seconds.”

The actor was seen at a medical center and "everything turned out to be completely normal.” But the moment made him more appreciative of life, he said.

"I'm grateful it's not anything more serious," he said.

“But it also made me really take a moment and think to myself how fragile life is for all of us, and how important it is that we come together, that we support each other, that we do what we can for the next generation,” he said.

Actor seeks comeback

The American Beauty actor is attempting to rebuild his career after he was cleared of sexual assault charges in London over the summer.

In tears, the actor told the court that he "lost everything in a matter of days" after a "rush to judgment."

A New York jury also found him not liable for abusing actor Anthony Rapp when he was 14 years old.

Spacey came out as gay after he was accused of molesting boys at the height of the #MeToo movement in 2017. He was removed from the final season of House of Cards and hasn't been able to find work since.

The #MeToo phenomenon has since fizzled and Spacey's legal woes are clearing up, but the question is whether Hollywood will embrace Spacey once again. He seems to think things will work out.

The actor announced his "comeback" before a crowd in Tashkent, Uzbekistan's capital, declaring that his "best roles were ahead of him."

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