‘Filled with anxiety’: Biden staffers known to tune out his talks with the press, report claims

While it is not a closely held Washington secret that the president is a bumbling, incoherent puppet, even the White House is starting to admit the elephant in the room.

President Joe Biden’s staffers find his public events so embarrassing that they have a habit of tuning him out, Politico revealed Tuesday.

White House insiders told the outlet that staffers “will either mute him or turn off his remarks” because they dread Biden answering questions. (Yes, really.)

“Filled with anxiety”

According to Politico, staffers are often “filled with anxiety” that Biden will go off track and botch the White House’s “carefully orchestrated messaging.”

“I know people who habitually don’t watch it live for that reason,” one official told the outlet.

Of course, this is not necessarily news. In May, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki acknowledged that staffers don’t like it when Biden answers questions spontaneously.

“The most effective communicator”

Neither, it seems, does Biden. When he’s not being flattered with questions about his favorite ice cream, Biden has a tendency to get angry with his cheerleaders in the press when they step out of line and ask the rare challenging question.

But the media’s slavish behavior has not been enough to put the White House at ease, apparently. More than once, Biden has said he will “get in trouble” if he gets too talkative with reporters, as reports note.

These bizarre references to unseen others pulling the strings have only reinforced the impression that Biden is, well, exactly what his detractors say he is: a frail figurehead who needs to be constantly coached on what to say and do.

The sleepy tyrant

While Biden is obviously unfit for office, no spin is too degrading for this White House. A spokesman told Politico that Biden is “the most effective communicator for his vision and his agenda.”

Absurd? Sure. But there may be some truth in that. In a breathtakingly authoritarian, demagogic speech Thursday, Biden viciously attacked unvaccinated Americans and announced that he will begin forcing millions of private sector employees to get the coronavirus shot. “We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin. And your refusal has cost all of us,” he said, according to the Associated Press.

As the benign face of tyranny, Biden serves just fine.

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