Konnech software accused of storing US poll worker data in China

Sofware election software company Konnech was contracted with the Defense Department to manage election logistics for service members, according to a new report.

The news follows the arrest of the company’s CEO for reportedly storing poll worker data on Chinese servers.

The data

“In response to a Breitbart News request, DoD provided documents revealing Konnech was contracted to provide online voting services for the states of Montana, New Jersey, and Nevada between July 8, 2010 and January 31, 2011. The now-defunct DoD Business Transformation Agency (BTA) awarded the contracts,” the outlet reported.

“Open source documents reveal the existence of a BTA email to Konnech on April 21, 2010 advising that “BTA would like to offer Konnech a [Blanket Purchase Agreement] for the FVAP Wizard Support Services Requirement.” The correspondence is titled “FVAP BTA Offer” and is further evidence of a relationship between Konnech and the Pentagon,” it added.

The concern

“Eugene Yu, the CEO of Konnech, a computer company based in Michigan, was arrested about a week and a half ago for allegedly stealing and storing the personal data of Los Angeles County election workers on servers in China,” the Epoch Times reported.

“This comes as Konnech, which provides computer services to the election departments of various counties, was awarded a five-year contract with Los Angeles County worth around $2.9 million back in 2020,” it added.

The report just ahead of the nation’s midterm elections adds concern to American voters regarding voting integrity.

The claims could also deter poll workers who are concerned about the leaking of their personal information.

The new report offers a shocking new look at the background of attempts to break election laws that may go back many years.