Kyle Rittenhouse acquitted of all charges day after judge bans MSNBC from courtroom

Kyle Rittenhouse is finally free. The teen was found not guilty of all charges in his murder case Friday, Reuters reported, bringing a merciful end to what many saw as a disgusting political show trial that saw the mainstream media, crooked prosecutors, and the Democratic Party band together to persecute an innocent kid.

The acquittal came despite the left’s best efforts to have Rittenhouse, 18, locked up for life for the crime of defending himself from a mob of rioters that tried to kill him one night in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Just a day before the verdict was read, the judge had to ban MSNBC from the courtroom after one of its journalists was allegedly caught trying to photograph jurors.

According to Fox News, the freelance photographer told police he had been “instructed” to tail the jury bus when he ran a red light, prompting police to cite him for a traffic violation.

Kyle Rittenhouse: A free man

To many, it appeared to be one last, desperate play by those in the media who have tormented Rittenhouse since the summer of 2020.

Rittenhouse was immediately defamed as a “white supremacist” and a “terrorist” by the media and even then-candidate Joe Biden after he shot and killed two rioters and injured a third while protecting property in Kenosha.

The evidence that Rittenhouse acted in self defense was overwhelming, but in court, prosecutors painted Rittenhouse as a monster who had provoked his attackers. To support their delusional threadbare narrative, they even withheld evidence and testimony from key witnesses, defense attorneys said.

In their closing argument, prosecutors Thomas Binger and James Kraus dismissed the property destruction that was rampant in Kenosha in August 2020, according to Breitbart, and argued that Rittenhouse should have allowed himself to be attacked and possibly killed by the mob, stating plainly, “Everybody takes a beating sometimes.”

Teen collapses as verdict read

As the case proceeded, many Americans were left to fear that the rule of law and the very right to self defense was under attack.

Adding to the gravity of the trial was the concern that mob rule would prevail and that the jury would convict Rittenhouse out of fear of reprisal from violent leftists and the corrupt media that had whipped up a frenzy of hatred against Rittenhouse with its shameless propaganda.

But courage filled the hearts of the jurors Friday, and justice arrived with a full acquittal. Rittenhouse collapsed as the verdict was read. Meanwhile, countless Americans took a sigh of relief. Watch for yourself:

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