Inside source claims Lake will ‘stand and fight’ against reported AZ gubernatorial election results

The media has called the Arizona gubernatorial race in favor of the Democratic candidate, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, over Republican Kari Lake, and there have been demands by some that Lake concedes defeat in the election.

Yet, with evidence of apparent bias by officials and Election Day irregularities, inside sources suggest that Lake will “stand and fight” in opposition to the disputed election results, the Western Journal reported.

Race called, Lake will not concede

The Associated Press reported that it called the Arizona governor’s race for Hobbs on Monday after it determined that there were not enough ballots left to be counted to make up the difference in votes between Lake and Hobbs. At that time, there were around 43,000 ballots left uncounted.

As of the latest update on the unofficial results, out of more than 2.5 million votes cast and with more than 99 percent of precincts reporting, Hobbs led Lake by approximately 17,200 votes, a difference of just 0.68 percent.

Around the same time that the race was called on Monday, The Washington Post reported that anonymous sources within her campaign claimed that Lake was being advised to accept defeat and not “storm the castle,” so to speak, to challenge the reported results of the election.

Tuesday morning, however, an insider who has worked with the Lake campaign, Western Journal founder Floyd Brown, appeared to indicate that the Republican candidate would not be conceding the race any time soon.

Brown tweeted, “Spent hours last night working with Lake team on a continuing war for Arizona. She will not go quietly into the night. She intends to stand and fight. She knew when she entered this race that it would be tough. Her opponents lack her courage. She is fighting for us.”

Justifiable grounds for a challenge

If Lake does choose to “stand and fight” against the disputed results, she has multiple grounds upon which to base an argument, first and foremost being the reported irregularities and voting machine malfunctions that negatively impacted dozens of polling locations across Arizona’s Maricopa County on Election Day.

Those malfunctions caused excessively long lines and forced some voters to wait until the machines were fixed, cast a ballot at another location, drop their unscanned ballots in an impromptu collection box, or simply be disenfranchised from casting their vote at all.

Another reason Lake may challenge the results is the refusal of Hobbs, the Secretary of State who oversees elections, to recuse herself from presiding over her own race, according to the Washington Examiner.

Then there is the alleged bias against Lake by certain Republican election officials in Maricopa County, who she has accused of deliberately “slow-rolling” the “botched” ballot counting process, according to the AP.

The Post Millennial reported that two of those officials, County Recorder Stephen Richer and Supervisor Bill Gates, formed a political action committee in 2021 called the Pro Democracy Republicans of Arizona PAC that is explicitly dedicated to opposing and preventing the election of “MAGA candidates” who support former President Donald Trump, such as Lake, who was proudly endorsed by the former president and is openly supportive of him.