Latest poll numbers have Biden struggling with popularity and broad doubts on his leadership

 May 27, 2023

A new CNN study by SSRS shows that if President Joe Biden runs for reelection, he likely has a lead over his Democratic opponents but has some problems, such as falling popularity and broad doubts about how his return will help the country.

Only a third of Americans think that a Biden win in 2024 would be a step forward or a success, and his popularity has gone down from 42% in December to 35% now, according to CNN.

The study also shows that only about 40% of people approve of how Biden is running the country. This is one of the lowest ratings for a first-term president at this point since Dwight Eisenhower.

Sixty percent of Democrats and people who lean toward the Democrats support Biden, while only 20% support Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and only 8% support Marianne Williamson. 58% of Biden's main backers are committed to him, but only 19% of those who support other candidates are committed to them.

What This Means for Biden

According to the poll, Biden is expected to get the support of  the majority of Democratic voters in the primary, but he may have a hard time keeping Democratic-leaning white non-college voters

However, this is "Horrible news, horrible for Joe Biden," as CNN anchor Jake Tapper said after the poll was released. "Those are some bad numbers."

Biden has traditionally had problems with independent voters who lean Democratic. The poll indicated that only about 40% of this group backs him for nomination by the Democrat party, while 67% of self-identified Democrats do.

Younger voters are also less likely to support Biden with only 49% of voters under 45 supporting the current president. Currently about 68% of voters 45 or older, however, do plan to vote for Biden.

Even though most Democrats and independents who lean toward the Democrats think it's likely that Biden will get the nod, it might be hard to convince the rest of the public that he deserves a second term.

Sixty-six percent of Americans think that if Biden wins, it would be bad for the country or even a disaster.

Biden's popularity has gone down, and now 35% of Americans like him. This is the same number of people who like former President Donald Trump.

Fifty-seven percent, on the other hand, don't like it. The number of independents who like Biden has gone down from 35% to 26%.

Other Presidents' Performance

Biden gets less praise than other Democrats who have been president in the past. The most popular former president is Barack Obama, who has a 57% favorability rating.

Jimmy Carter is second, with a 43% favorability rating. Bill Clinton gets mixed reviews, with 41% saying they like him and 42% saying they don't.

CNN political director David Challian offered an analysis of the poll, saying "[Trump's] hardcore supporters are more into him than perhaps Biden's hardcore supporters are into him."

"Yeah, it's worse for Biden but for both of them, most of the American people think electing them would be a disaster or a setback for both Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the current Democratic and Republican frontrunner," Tapper told Chalian, to which he replied, "This is not an election the American people want."

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