Laura Ingraham: Second Trump impeachment is ‘an egregious, vicious act of political violence’

The newly-empowered Democrats are ending four years of vindictive, divisive opposition to former President Donald Trump with another vindictive, divisive impeachment effort — a decision that tragically will further divide the nation, rather than bring healing and unity. Like many other conservatives, Fox News host Laura Ingraham is both dismayed and enraged by the unprecedented post-presidency impeachment effort against Trump.

Democrats are now engaging in “an egregious, vicious act of political violence against the U.S. Constitution and our country,” Ingraham declared as she ripped the decision to pursue a second impeachment attempt against Trump.

House Democrats, along with ten Republicans, rushed to impeach Trump on January 13 for “inciting insurrection” after the Capitol riot. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced that the article of impeachment will be submitted to the Senate on Monday, and a Senate trial is expected to begin the week of February 8, even though Trump is no longer president.

An “incredibly stupid mistake”

During the opening monologue on her “Ingraham Angle” program on Friday evening, the host ripped into the “ugly, futile farce.” Senate Democratic Leader “Chuck Schumer is pushing forward with a trial almost one year after the first impeachment farce that focused on Ukraine,” Ingraham said. “After initially suggesting a trial next week, the Senate reached an agreement earlier to push it to February 9th. That doesn’t change the facts: This is an egregious, vicious act of political violence against the U.S. Constitution and our country.”

“It’s also an incredibly stupid mistake that’s going to hurt Joe Biden,” she continued in reference to the new president.

As for those clamoring for an impeachment trial to begin as soon as possible, Ingraham said they would be wise to “spare us the claim that Democrats and a handful of Republicans are trying to make that they truly care about punishing individuals who incite political violence.”

She proceeded to query where all of “their sanctimony and demand for justice” was throughout the destructive riots that swept the nation throughout much of 2020 or, in reference to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot at the heart of the new impeachment effort, why prior incidents of leftist protesters invading government buildings hadn’t evoked similarly outraged reactions.

It’s “pointless and vindictive”

This Ingraham also argued that the entire impeachment charade was “unconstitutional” since Trump was already out of office. What might Democrats have said if Republicans had attempted to impeach former Vice President Joe Biden — or even former President Barack Obama — after they’d already exited office, she asked.

It’s a “pointless and vindictive” effort, Ingraham said, particularly because there doesn’t appear to be nearly enough support from Senate Republicans to reach the two-thirds threshold necessary for a conviction. She chided the few Republicans who would vote to convict — perhaps in a misguided effort to appease their Democratic colleagues — as nothing more than “self-indulgent, self-righteous goofballs” who will still be hated and opposed by the left, even after betraying Trump.

“Going after Trump makes the Biden administration look weak,” the Fox host said, as she noted that Obama, regardless of what else may be said about him, was “too smart” and had “too much sense” to pursue such divisive retribution against former President George W. Bush and former Vice President Dick Cheney.

“If Democrats really believe that Donald Trump is disgraced and washed up with no political future, man, they are acting really insecure about that concept,” Ingraham said. “Why are they so hell-bent on a second unconstitutional impeachment trial? Don’t they believe that they beat him and his ideas legitimately?” Watch Ingraham below:

Ingraham concluded, “If Democrats insist on going through with this unconstitutional impeachment, Republicans have to ensure that they pay a heavy political price.”

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27 Responses

  1. Where does it stop he is out of office should we go back and Bring impeachment charges on other out of office presidents? what happened to Biden’s unity? Is he just an empty suit being pulled by radicals.

    1. Trust me, Bitme has no idea what he is doing or whats even happening. Those Executive Orders he signed last week, he had no idea at all of what he was even signing. This man has dementia and is totally unfit, mentally, for the office he holds. I just don’t get it, a person who has the nuclear codes yet doesn’t get a “MENTAL EVOLUTION???” THAT, RIGHT THERE IS SCARY.

      1. If you look close, when Bitme was signing all of those
        “executive Orders”, those were all BLANK PAGES! Blank sheets of paper!

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  3. Let us protest the lack of proof and priorities of the Biden administration. Their actions and their agenda are going to destroy America and that is what they want. Some of the Democrats and most Republicans are interested in the well being of Americans, but most are interested in their wallets. Communism in America. Tearing down statues, violence, burning businesses. Talk about insurrection. President Trump stood up to the political elite that have been running this country for so long. And yet the people accusing him think he is the problem and his followers. Wow! Narcissistic. Same as criminals who blame their actions on others. Did not realize how many of these people are living in this dark mindset. For those that do this, your day is coming. God will protect his followers. We have hope other than this temporary life. So, no matter how many lives you destroy in this life, we still win. And you are going to hell unless you repent. This is the only option.

  4. These Demorats and the 10 Republicans are scumbags and they are also cowards. The only reason they are doing this is that they are scared to death that Trump will run in 2024. Trust me, if this doesn’t work they will work for 3 years trying to figure a way to keep him from running because they know he would win just like they worked for 4 years by fraudulent means in the 2020 election to get Bitme elected.

  5. Well if they want to go down this road, lets save a lot of wasted money and impeach biden for his ties to china and harris for being ineligible under the U.S. Constitution.

  6. Did Schumer mean that the Liberals should not be messed with as they have “six ways from Sunday to get back at you”, and disguised it as the IA?
    Vindictive Liberals with ad hockery.

  7. it is being done a GROUP OF VERY HATEFUL PEOPLE who think they are correct in doing whatever -whenever they feel like –time for TERM LIMITS and then we would be rid of all the HATE FILLED MEMBERS OF CONGRESS–some day it might be them leading and we the PEOPLE might do it to them –think about that when you term comes up

    1. He is to old to make any decisions he really is sleepy joe
      Nancy is full of hate you can see it on her face that is why this USA is such a bad shape we have to many nuts in the house they all need to leave office


  8. She is absolutely right. Give them hell especially Nancy Pelosi she is the most hated woman in the world.Shumer is the next most hated in the world. They both should be impeached.

  9. It’s all smoke screens “executive orders” all designed to take the public minds off of the” Biden’s corruption” and of course “election fraud”. The real issues FBI political corruption tolerated by the Biden’s just like they tolerated it by the Clinton’s. Have a question according to Hunter Biden and his now famous computer he generated enough money to fund the Biden family for 30 years and split half with the big guy! Where did all this money arrive from….. and why are all his former partners in jail ? The real question is was all this money gone and has it been reported by all involved? and who has audited this great arrival? or even investigated this found fortune? Why has this non-reporting income savant not been examined by the IRS & Inter pool and the FBI AND DOJ? is he really the smartest man the big guy knows I mean Joe Biden sorry. If the FBI has had this computed for year the greatest investigatory agency on the planet what’s happened to the money trail? Where are results and where is the money? Is Hunter the shadow President working for China???

    View Conversation

  10. Those 10 or 6 Republicans who have betrayed their party need to be centured and expelled from the Senate and Congress I know who they are. I will never give another red cent to any one of them. Traitors, corrupts, crooks and criminals is all we have in congress including all the Demon crats. They are not Americans they are inhumane, donkeys have no brains. They are animals the way they act and spew their hate, they are rabid. It is a shame how they lie to their constituents. These people are not good professionals they are canniving, miserable, sons and daughters of Lucifer the devil . Just like Lucifer was thrown out of paradise they will also be thrown out of paradise. God’s power is so much stronger than all of them put together. Our country will never heal again. Shame on all of them. Laura Ingraham is right !!!

    Our country tis of thee, sweet land of LIBERTY for thee I sing. Land where my father’s died, Land of the Pilgrim’s Pride, from every mountain side LET FREEDOM RING !!!! LET FREEDOM RING ! USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, GO TRUMP GO ! WE LOVE YOU GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS ! IN GOD WE TRUST.

  11. This impeachment trial might unite the American people by having the senators publicly on TV make laughingstocks of themselves. Peter Sellers and Federico Fellini could not do a better job than Senators Leahy, Romney, Schumer, et al. This theatre of the absurd might be just what America needs to get right and restore reason again. And have some well-deserved good laughs.

  12. All the dems do is deflect, deflect, deflect. They are always accusing the Repubs and Trump of the actual things they themselves are doing or have done. So much for unity. Biden is doing everything he can to divide. Do they stay up nights thinking of ways to divide the country. I think so. Or better yet, do they pay someone with our tax dollars to do that? Probably. Biden isn’t smart enough to think up all those things.

  13. It’s obvious to anyone with a brain, that the House members never saw his speech video or the timeline or who was causing the trouble. They voted to impeach without a shred of evidence!
    Surely once those things are brought to light, they will see how Pelosi (and other Democrats) played them for fools!
    Praying for those in our government to see themselves for what they really are!
    Praying for God’s conviction!

  14. Smartest woman on TV!!! Look forward to her show nightly. Laura Ingraham, is the best, always well investigated research and proficient guests.

  15. WE THE PEOPLE are to blame for all of this because WE voted these A**holes into office, didn’t WE??? It’s time to vote them OUT OF OFFICE so next time around really think before you fill in the dot or press that button on the machine. WE need to replace them ALL and it needs to be done ASAP!!! The sooner, the better because they are stripping us of our money, our rights, our dignity, our jobs, our homes and our minds!!!! It’s time for them to look for a new place to hang out other than Washington!!!!

  16. i think we should do more then impeach this good for nothing–Maybe could we find something more immediately available now. biden, is a complete disgrace to our country and to the human world.

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