John Cusack: ‘The rule of law is dead – unless Barr is impeached’

One Hollywood actor has some strange notions about the “rule of law”…

Reacting to the latest developments in the case of Ret. Gen. Michael Flynn, John Cusack said Friday that, if Attorney General William Barr is not impeached, then “the rule of law of dead.” 

What else would you expect?

The “Say Anything” star’s comments came in a message posted to Twitter on Friday, Breitbart noted.

“This Barr criminal action – is the most brazen obliteration & destruction of rule of law I’ve seen in my lifetime,” Cusack wrote. “Flynn pleaded guilty – Barr says what happened in open court didn’t happen – the rule of law is dead – unless Barr is impeached.”

Well, I suppose that is one interpretation of what happened in Flynn’s case. Others, however, perhaps without those Hollywood blinders on, might see things a bit differently.

What happened?

This week, Barr and the Department of Justice (DOJ) did indeed move to dismiss the charges against Flynn. The retired general was facing prison time for lying to the FBI, an act to which he actually pleaded guilty in 2017 — at least until he found out what the FBI was really up to.

The public learned more about the situation recently when documents were released which showed that the FBI interviewed Flynn with the stated intention of trapping him in a lie. This is what led to Flynn’s exoneration.

A different take

From Cusack’s view of the situation, let’s head on over to Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, who probably knows a few more things than Cusack about the “rule of law.”

After Flynn’s exoneration, Dershowitz stated that Barr did “exactly the right thing” in dropping the charges against Flynn. Unlike others who have praised the move, however, Dershowitz has long argued that Flynn shouldn’t have been prosecuted because, as he explained in December of 2018, there “was no crime.”

That aside, Dershowitz said in a recent interview that “every civil libertarian right or left should say, ‘Finally, somebody is holding the government to what its proper role is’ which is to get evidence of past crimes, not to create future crimes.”

Another confused Hollywood elite

The fact that the FBI essentially created a crime against Flynn doesn’t appear to bother Cusack, who seems to believe that the “rule of law” is all about results, i.e. putting Flynn in prison, when the “rule of law” is actually more about fairness in prosecution, something that FBI officials completely disregarded in the Flynn case.

Contrary to what Cusack says, the rule of law would actually be “obliterated and destroyed” if Barr did not dismiss the case.

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