Texas lawmaker releases shocking photos of hundreds of migrant children being housed in ‘pods’

President Joe Biden and his administration can’t seem to catch a break with the rapidly developing crisis on the southern U.S. border, and despite their efforts to cover up the travesty, the truth is quickly being exposed.

According to the Washington Examiner, Rep. Henry Cuellar (R-TX) released bombshell photos of the current conditions inside of a child detention facility near the border in Donna, Texas. The photos show the children being kept in what is known as “pods” or tents, with overcrowding a visible issue. 

What’s happening?

It should be noted that the pictures were not taken by Cuellar, with the report indicating that he obtained them from an unknown, inside source, which makes sense given that the Biden administration and the head of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security are keeping the situation under wraps.

Reportedly, mats and sleeping areas in these types of facilities are scarce, primarily due to the gross overcrowding of the facilities. For instance, Cuellar said that the “pods” are supposed to have a max capacity of around 260 children, but said that some of them contain some 400 children.

The pictures obviously touched a nerve with Cuellar, as they should. The Texas Republican pleaded with asylum seekers to not attempt crossing into the United States at this point in time, given the rapidly deteriorating conditions that are evident in the photos.

“We have to stop kids and families from making the dangerous trek across Mexico to come to the United States,” Cuellar said. “We have to work with Mexico and Central American countries to have them apply for asylum in their countries.”

Blocking access

The photos released on Monday morning are the public’s first real glimpse into the extremely-concerning conditions at the border as the Biden administration continues to scramble to come up with solutions to make improvements.

That’s because the administration has gone out of its way to reportedly even block attorneys from having access to the children, according to attorney Leecia Welch.

“It is pretty surprising that the administration talks about the importance of transparency and then won’t let the attorneys for children set eyes on where they’re staying,” Welch said, adding that the decision is “very disappointing.”

There have been other accusations that those running the facilities are blocking children from making phone calls to parents, restricting or blocking access to necessities like showers and bars of soap.

Only time will tell how this crisis is ultimately handled by the Biden administration, but so many mistakes have already been made that it’ll likely become much worse before conditions begin to improve.

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5 Responses

  1. Biden’s solution to the Border Crisis,
    is to cage and treat them like dogs.
    The word will get out in Mexico on how bad the immigrants are being treated in the U.S. and maybe that will slow down or even stop the journey to cross the Border. As of now its not working.

  2. Just like he treated our National Guard troops he had in Washington DC!! This administration is so corrupt and we got to survive 3 1/2 more years of this?? We won’t have a country left by them. They are spening trillions of dollars we don’t have for stupid stuff and want to spend another trillion on infrastructure now? INSANE!!

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  4. Biden’s “ plan” was not having a plan! Just another gas bag shooting off his mouth, “ doing stupid sh**”, expecting the people to go along with it! The ONLY lab is to destroy our country! Piglosi, Schumer, joe and the ho gotta go!

  5. The dems. should not be able to block anyone from investigating what is going on at the border. This is a serious crisis and they should not be able to cover it up by restricting access.

  6. When the name Biden comes out it always has a stigma to it – such as what lie is he going to say today !!! This present president is like an ice cube on a hot summer day – he’s going to melt away and leave a water spot – it still has to be cleaned up !!! What are Americans to do – saying the truths about this administration does no good – what does it take ???

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