NY state lawmakers move to rescind Cuomo’s emergency powers

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s star has finally fallen. Even New York Democrats have turned against the once-lauded governor as new information regarding his handling of his state’s nursing home crisis comes out.

New York State Sen. John Liu (D) announced on Monday that he and other Democrat lawmakers are now pushing to remove Cuomo’s emergency powers. 

The walls are closing in

Liu explained that Cuomo has been in possession of emergency powers for nearly a year and that with new information about COVID-19, those powers have “outlived their usefulness.”

“There have been lots of revelations in recent weeks and months, and in particular last week, that raises significantly the level of concern that we have, ” Liu told Fox’s Gerard Baker.

“And it’s also been almost a year since the governor had these emergency powers,” Liu added. “We granted him those powers in a time when we knew nothing about this pandemic and the extreme hardship and pure death it would wreck on our city, country, and the world.”

“Almost a year later, we have much more information about COVID-19 and we see the light at the end of the tunnel in the vaccine being distributed here in New York and around the country, and so, the emergency powers that were given to him nearly a year ago seem to have outlived their usefulness,” Liu concluded.

Other state Democrats put it even more bluntly. Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Queens) told the New York Post that “all of it is B.S.” and that Cuomo and his administration engaged in a cover-up to protect themselves.

“They could have given us the information back in May and June of last year. They chose not to,” said Kim.

Full panic mode

Cuomo is currently in full panic mode as his office attempts to push back against accusations that they concealed data showing the impact of Cuomo’s disastrous nursing home executive order issued in March of 2020.

State Sen. Alessandra Biaggi (D-Bronx) fired back at Cuomo’s excuses for why his office refused to release the information to state lawmakers in a timely manner.

“No, @NYGovCuomo , you did not tell the `entire’ Senate or Assembly that there was a DOJ investigation, as the reason why you didn’t share the nursing home numbers,” she said in a tweet. “I found out about a DOJ investigation with the rest of NY’ers in the @nypost story Thursday night.”

State Sen. Julia Salazar (D-Brooklyn) chimed in with claims that Cuomo is outright lying in another tweet:

If the Governor had actually informed the legislature months ago that his office was withholding the data they had on total nursing home deaths, there would’ve been no need for them to have a call with a group of legislators last week to inform them of this for the first time.

Governor can claim (as he’s done) that they withheld the data bc they thought it would be used against them by the DOJ(!). But claiming they informed the legislature is a lie on top of a lie. If he’d been honest in the first place, he may have had one bad news cycle. But now?

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26 Responses

    1. Removing Cuomo’s emergency powers in NOT ENOUGH. He not only killed almost ten thousand Americans, he has also refused to turn over financial statements that will prove MORE wrongdoing. The fact that he is the Governor has nothing to do with justice, it has everything to do with taking responsibility for murder, the misuse of state funds and being a narcissistic douchbag. In addition, his brother, CNN, even his mother and ex girlfriend should also be investigated. OTHERS KNOW WHAT HAS GONE ON! If this country is to heal from today’s political issues, Cuomo will need to be held accountable in a very public manner!

  1. So why is this such a revelation

    All of the lying corrupt libs never tell

    The truth and are destroying this country

    Just look at the rapist pedofile corrupt


    1. Yes and nothing gets done cause they are above the law they think.charge them all .with murder for killing the elder and babies.

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  3. Not only should Cuomo’s emergency powers be reminded, he should be removed from office, prosecuted and made to send every penny he made from his laying, self serving book to a fund to help families who had a loved one die from Covid contracted in a nursing home due to his actions.

  4. Even if he is removed from office, his damage has been done. I can almost guarantee you that if he is convicted of any criminal act and sent to prison, Biden will pardon him before he leaves the courtroom. Plus Biden will put him in charge of the COVID response team. Where he’ll write another book about the amazing job he’s doing there. Along with more air time with Fredo joking about those who have died.

  5. Cuomo should have used the Navy ship that Trump gave New York city. Cuomo should be put in jail for all the deaths he caused……..

  6. Cuomo should be sued for wrongful death by all the families who lost loved ones in nursing homes due to covid! The blood of those elderly patients is on HIS hands! He should pay!

  7. Cuomo fails to mention that this could been avoided if he had sent patients to the Naval ship that Trump sent to take care of the overload of patients.

  8. It can’t be any more crystal clear. Biden and Ukraine, Hunter Biden and his lap top, Hillary Clinton’s initiation of false information regarding the Russian Hoax impeachment on Trump, Bill Clinton’s ties to Epstein, Obama’s part in the Russian Hoax investigation which cost American tax payers 40 million dollars, Nancy Pelosi’s failure to honor requests for more police presence on January 6th, Hillary and Benghazi, and now Cuomo and the COVID death cover up. Connect the dots, all democrats and no one will be held accountable or even questioned.

    1. You are right on, Phyllis. Again and again things come up that would have anyone else prosecuted, but nothing happens to them.

    2. All of what you’ve said and much more I am sure. It’s so disgusting how they are never held accountable! This has to stop! What do we do? What can we do? They surely are destroying our country!

  9. It seems a lot of the Democrat politicians are incompetent fools thinking if they lie enough it will become the truth! Pelosi knows why the police, barricades and National Guard disappeared on January 6, allowing the Capital to be allowed to be occupied by rioters! Now Pelosi has put up a 12 foot high steel. barricade with wire on top! Just think out Capital is protected from ABTIFA and BLM, Democrat optatives who have destroyed many cities and businesses and the Democrat politicians did nothing!

    1. Why is the NG even there? Just another occasion where our tax dollars have been squandered.. Additionally,why weren’t they activated during the riots in all those Democratic run states and. Cities? Clearly , Biden, Pelosi, and every other criminal in office wants the American people to think there are still issues. Boy, are they stupid. YouIn addition to everything else, they want out email address when we post our thoughts and opinions. I can’t wait to see what happens.

  10. He should have been gone a long time ago. He murdered a lot of people & among other things. Corrupted Evil Person 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻…

  11. Sadly, some idiot will still nominate Cuomo for the Nobel Peace Prize, like BLM for their affinity for violence, Obama for expectations that never materialized, and Gore for his phony voodoo environmentalism

  12. Sorry to say that Comco, needs to go to prison. If that was my family I that way be on the doorstep with the Police and would and he will have a problem! You don’t treat people that way!

  13. Andrew Cuomo will never resign. That would be an admission of guilt. He has to be forced out by his own kind. Leticia James is a pit bull and wants to take him apart..She has her own political aspirations in NY. He will not go quietly…,the number of law suits from grieving family members will eventually topple his administration.

  14. Even if he didn’t send the infected back into the nursing homes the elderly were not prioritized for treatment. Read the Ventilator Allocation Guidelines New York State Task Force on Life and Law NYS Dept. Of Health November 2015 Quite the eye opener.

  15. Cuomo is a disgrace to the office he represents & his country, to even think to cover up such atrocities as these demands he be fired & tried in a court of law found guilty & put in prison! The other Governors who did this should also be looked into!!

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