Judicial Watch files FOIA suit to get information about Ashli Babbit shooting at the Capitol

Although the Jan. 6 unrest on Capitol Hill has been characterized by Democrats and the media as an “armed insurrection,” the only person to actually die from a gunshot wound during the events that day was a woman named Ashli Babbitt.

Despite the fact that her death occurred nearly five months ago, few details about it have been released. Now, a conservative group is demanding answers.

On Monday, Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act seeking access to police and medical examiner investigations that were conducted following the incident, The Washington Times reported.

The lawsuit is seeking “all investigative reports, photographs, witness statements, dispatch logs, ballistics and officials’ electronic communications regarding the investigation into Babbitt’s death,” according to the Times.

Details hidden on Babbit’s killing

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton explained in a statement that the obscurity surrounding Babbitt’s killing is cause for suspicion.

“The normal course of action in a police-related shooting is to quickly inform the public of the details — but the lack of transparency in the killing of veteran Ashli Babbitt in the U.S. Capitol is unprecedented and obviously political,” he said.

“That Judicial Watch must file a lawsuit for basic information after five months of stonewalling is a scandal,” Fitton continued.

Family pursuing wrongful death claim

The Times noted that in addition to Judicial Watch’s case, Babbitt’s family is also filing a wrongful death suit seeking $10 million in compensation.

Terrell N. Roberts III, an attorney based in Maryland who is handling the family’s claim, compared how the government has behaved to a third world regime.

“Right now, we have no accountability — zero accountability — they give no explanation to justify the shooting and they do not even identify the officer. That is what they do in autocratic countries, not in the United States,” he said.

Video footage from Jan. 6 showed Babbitt being hit with a single bullet as she was attempting to crawl through a window inside the Capitol building.

The 35-year-old Air Force veteran was found to be unarmed at the time of her death. The Justice Department announced in April that no charges would be brought against the officer who killed her.

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  10. People that hack into a system and interfere with communications as serious as the Babbitt shooting should be incarcerated and fined heavily and their internet privileges should be revoked for life. What we have in this case is Government coverup plain and simple. I hope the family is awarded at least 27 million dollars.

  11. Interesting, you are suing for imfo on this one incident, from 1/6, but everyone on the right is objecting to the 1/6 commission to investigate cause & responsibility for the whole event. What am I misssing?

  12. Hey- is this a Jobs Report or about all the good work Judicial Watch is doing?
    I’m going with the later. Kudos to Judicial Watch and all their FOIA requests- what would we do without them! Thanks for all that you do trying to keep government and politicians honest- it’s a thankless job but one you’re doing well (and, no, I don’t work for Judicial Watch – but I love what they’re about and the good they are doing for this beleaguered country of ours). And remember, it’s only a little less than 18 months to the mid-terms- Ugh!

  13. Because there are ulterior motives for doing so……it will all be made to look as if the Trump supporters did the entire chaotic episode (which we have seen videos showing the opposite) There were posters photographed that were for BLM and Antifa members to come out and cause chaos to look as if it is the Trump supporters doing the crimes. Also…videos were sent in from Trumo supporters showing that many of them knew that these guys breaking in were from Antifa….and showed T. supporters shouting at the to GO HOME ANTIFA!! and QUIT BREAKING THAT WINDOW!! But these would be conveniently deleted from the inquiry. But since when has anything ever been easy and fair for the right? If not a part of Deep State swamp…forget fairness!!

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