Lawyer: Maxwell may still implicate Clintons, others in Epstein scandal

Though countless elites likely breathed a sigh of relief once Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted and locked away without having named names of those rumored to have visited her former boyfriend’s so-called “Pedo Island,” one lawyer involved in the matter believes the Clinton family – among others – may still have real cause for concern.

As Radar Online reports, attorney Spencer Kuvin, who represented several Epstein’s sex trafficking accusers, is of the opinion that Maxwell may yet come forward to implicate some of the planet’s most famous names in a bid to have her 20-year federal prison sentence reduced.

Not so fast…

The notion that Maxwell could be poised to deliver new revelations regarding Epstein’s powerful friends – who may have thought themselves in the clear – emerged from a new documentary focused on the relationship between the disgraced billionaire and Britain’s Prince Andrew, as the outlet noted.

As part of the program entitled Prince Andrew: Banished, Kuvin pointed out that while Maxwell is currently serving a two-decade prison sentence for conspiring with Epstein to sexually abuse young girls, she has until 2023 to provide authorities with information and cooperation that could ultimately cut that time significantly.

Noting that Maxwell fully intends to appeal her sentence, Kuvin declared, “She is really the person who holds all the secrets,” adding that at least with regard to Prince Andrew, “[t]his isn’t the end of the story.”

That ominous warning suggests that folks such as former President Bill Clinton – who flight logs revealed flew on Epstein’s so-called “Lolita Express” private plane far more than had long been reported or admitted – could soon be in real jeopardy of potential exposure.

Faced with the prospect of dying in prison unless her sentence is curtailed, Maxwell may have few qualms about spilling the truth about some of the world’s most powerful people, and in the words of Republic Brief’s Kari Donovan, “Bill Clinton should be sweating bullets.”

Powerful incentive

Though Maxwell was transferred this summer to the low-security Tallahassee Federal Correction Institution, which some observers describe as a relatively cushy enclave, her life behind bars is certainly nothing to envy, and something which may provide sufficient impetus for her cooperation with government authorities.

As the U.K. Express recently noted, Maxwell currently shares a cell at the facility with two hardened drug offenders, one of whom was convicted for “using a machete with about a foot long blade.”

Maxwell is housed with the prison’s general population, and her belongings consist of only what she can fit in a locker that is reportedly just the size of two microwave ovens sitting end-on-end, definitely a far cry from the luxurious lifestyle in which she was raised and continued to enjoy during her time with Epstein and beyond.

Given the disheartening specter of possibly spending the rest of her life under such conditions, it is not inconceivable that Maxwell would ultimately leverage her personal knowledge of others’ crimes to improve her personal prospects.

However, even if Maxwell were to spill the beans on the rich and powerful players rumored to have been willing participants in Epstein’s criminally debauched world, it is, sadly, far from certain that prosecutors possess the courage and fortitude necessary to bring those individuals to justice at long last.