GOP leaders, PAC combine forces to defeat Democrat-led election ‘reform’ bill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is outwardly confident in her control of the House, but her leadership stands on shaky grounds — and GOP strategists reportedly plan to take full advantage of that fact.

Fox News reported on Monday that a pro-GOP political action committee is planning a 2022 blitz on 15 vulnerable House Democrats in an attempt to defeat Pelosi’s latest power grab — a massive election overhaul bill. 

Taking control

The American Action Network (AAN) is set to unveil a new ad campaign this week that targets the “corrupt liberal campaign finance bill.”

Fox reported that “the ads, shared first with Fox News, will be seen in House districts with Democrats who are potentially vulnerable in next year’s midterm elections, when Republicans hope to win back the majority in the chamber they lost in the 2018 midterm elections.”

The AAN ads focus on Democrat-led legislation known as the “For the People Act of 2021” which aims to “clean up corruption in politics.”

GOP leaders say the legislation will actually lead to a federal government takeover of elections processes, contributing to even more corruption and fraud than in 2020.

The ANN ad points out that one of the provisions of the legislation will give members of Congress up to $5 million in taxpayer dollars each to fund their own personal re-election campaigns.

Calling out Democrats

According to Fox, the ads will first start airing in the districts currently held by Democratic Reps. Tom O’Halleran (AZ-01), Stephanie Murray (FL-07), Carolyn Boudreaux (GA-07), Cindy Axne (IA-03), John Sarbanes (MD-03), Jared Golden (ME-02), Chris Pappas (NH-01), Tom Malinowski (NJ-07), Susan Wild (PA-07), Matt Cartwright (PA-08), Lizzie Fletcher (TX-07), Vicente Gonzalez (TX-15), Colin Allred (TX-32), Elaine Luria (VA-02) and Ron Kind (WI-03).

36 additional House Democrats will also reportedly be targeted by the ad blitz that hopes to both defeat the election reform legislation and convince voters to vote red in the next election.

“This bill is nothing more than a shameful attempt to shovel public funds to the campaign coffers of corrupt Washington liberals,” AAN President Dan Conston told Fox News. “Especially in a time of unparalleled health and economic crisis, public funds should be used to help end the suffering of this pandemic – not to help Washington politicians get re-elected.”

The bill includes a push for D.C. statehood — a blatant grab for two additional Democrat Senate seats — as well as increased federal oversight and interference in nationwide elections processes.

House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) decried the bill over the weekend, explaining that it facilitates a federal government takeover of elections. “We could lose our freedom,” McCarthy lamented.

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19 Responses

    1. I think about an old time commode. The water was in the tank below. You pulled a cord and WHOOOOSHSSHH! That is what I think of the globalists- establishment bureacrats out to control America, RINO’s, and Demon Cats.

      I thought about that if I was rich I would send a couple of trucks full of Exlax to DC. Then I decided there would not be much left. Still ponder that!!! LOL!

  1. It’s just amazing a weave let all this corruption get this bad yes it’s the people’s fault… we should have put our foot down with all the lobbyists and this dark money is just ridiculous can’t help but see corruption from that and everybody note that mail-in voter was the only chance the Democrats had to win and they pulled it up and just look at the peaceful rioters… they they actually destroyed a federal courthousel and also took over a police precinct… not to mention the American citizens that lost their lives while their businesses and cities were destroyed all with the support of the Democrats and don’t forget Kamala Harris raising money to bail these terrorists out so they could go right back to doing it again… that’s not leadership that was disgusting

    1. Not entirely the people’s fault. Most American’s wonder how the Dem’s won. Election night with almost all red across America with almost all LEGAL votes which were only corrupted in precincts were tallied some states in dispute with 98-99% ballots in. Then the computers stopped in 30 states at the same time and did resets. Voila the votes flipped. Wake up with Dems winning. Not only was Trumps votes changed so were some target state votes for Repubs were shifted. Bathroom issues in Ga cleared out a precinct. Video showed that it was repopulated and all Republicans were not allowed back in with 3 boxes hidden under a table full of ballots were pulled. OBVIOUS CORRUPTION. That is just one of many many videos that revealed corruption. A thousand people risking their jobs and threatened and families threatened courageously signed under oath with threat of jail if they lied affadavits. The brave ones who openly testified were bastardized, fired, may be dead. WHY? To lie?? NO WAY!! They witnessed first hand corruption and courageously DID SOMETHING TO REPORT IT TO LAW. Result even the Supremely bad Court would not listen to the testimonies of PATRIOTIC CITIZENS who had NOTHING TO GAIN AND ALL TO LOSE.

      1. Mix that with all the illeg al and alte red votes at the machines OBVIOUSLY A GREAT AMOUNT OF FRA UD AND CORRUP TION. Heck at some precincts the cards would jam up the machines and had to be handled by individuals, one video showed how such a process the operator can alter votes from Trump to Biden.
        All the dead votes, votes of people who did not vote or voters told they had already voted, adjudicati on of votes shifting them at the terminals, bringing in ballots days later, etc etc etc DOES NOT EVEN TOUCH THE VOTE SHIF TING via internet, which by law was forbidden – the TSUNAMI of vote altering by CYBE R ATTA CK which the inJust ice system never looked at nor allowed in court– proven in Texas but stopped by the DOJ or should I say DOInjust ice in 2016 because is was not bad enough to defeat Trump and ALL DATA HAC KS captured again in 2020 with blocks in court, House, Senate) —–

        Fair election BS narrative pushed by RINO’s, Dems, “nothing there” I did not look inJust ice System, and weak or controlled politicians with LOCK STEP controlled media — If not justice there is no America, we are already slaves.

        1. However, people are waking up not believing the narrative and when TRUTH IS ALLOWED OR GOES AROUND ALL THE CONTR OLLERS AND SLA VES then Justi ce will fall. I do not give up on America, not just for patriotic reasons, but for the promotion of TRUTH over LI ES. Patriotic Americans who love truth and justice have one HUGE ALLY. Trump is good and so are patriots in Congress and almost half the Supreme Court (Roberts failed America either as a trait or or threate ned and weak morally) but One is greater much greater. He has been ignored, pushed aside, misreprese nted and in some areas elimin ated from thought but He is still the best Hope Who honors the free will of humanity. God!

          God is in charge overall carrying out His plan for the world as written in His book, the Bible. Israel wanted Saul as King. God through His profit told them that Saul was no good for them. They wanted Saul so He anointed Saul as the first King over Israel. David, though pursued and fled for fear of death from Saul, would not kill Saul TWICE as he had the opportunity. Saul repented to David but was so controlled by jealousy and controlled by demons that he kept on trying to kill David until he died.

          David would not kil l Saul because God had anointed him King and David would never go against His Friend and God.

          Why did God anoint Saul King?? God has 3 wills – perfect is perfect, good is good, and permissive will is acceptable. Why accept Saul??? God does not defy the will of the people. They ELECTED SAUL and God honored their choice and gave them who they wanted knowing they would regret it.

          1. That was an HON EST ELE CTION which God permissively accepted. In 2020 the elect ion was DISHON EST. It de fied the will of the people and thus def ied God Himself. America is blessed because it’s Cons titution was Biblic al. Most of the founders were Chris tians and followed God’s instructions. America has always spread the Go spel of Jes us around the world. America helped re establish Isra el and has helped keep them safe. America blessed God’s land to help the people there (many did not even know Him well and were pag an and ignor ant but God promised to rebuild Israel and to bless those who bless it and curse those who curse Israel. The presiden ts who tried to div ide or elimin ate Israel cur sed the nation under their rule and prosperity and peace was under those who blessed Israel. Biden wants to di vide Israel which would des troy the small thin sliver of country surrounded by enem ies of Israel and God.

      2. You said it all very well…I keep wondering WHY the voter fraud was deemed by a judge to be nom-existent. Obviously it took place and now people (Dems) are saying IT NEVER HAPPENED!

        1. I cannot believe SCOTUS did not at least look at evidence . I think Trump’s CPAC speech said the truth. He called him out. I cannot understand why some keep getting voted back in.

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  3. The Democrats are evil and I am so happy that I am no longer a democrat! I switched 4 years ago when the Democrats went totally off the rail! The Democrats are corrupt and it’s no surprise that they use our tax money to fund their own party elections!!!!! They are shameful!!

  4. Replace every Demorat and spend none of our tax-payer dollars on re-electing the Swampsters that are in there. My tax dollars are for the good of the country, not some overpaid, underachiever in the Swamp.

  5. God created everything for his own purpose, even the evil and wicked for the time of trouble. Proverbs 16:4. At God’s appointed time the truth will prevail and the righteous will jubilate once again.

  6. Mr.mcCarthy, get ALL republicans and as many Dems as you can together and vote this bill down! There are some Dems who don’t like Piglosi, don’t want her as speaker, get them and go against her! She can be stopped, put on the pressure and keep it on, don’t waver, fight her corruption at every turn! Or better yet, invoke the 25th ammendment against her, get her out!

  7. They ain’t none of those Democrats no good this is what you get when you cheat on the president that you want because you don’t want the president that we want we did not want to buy and we did not vote for Joe Biden y’all cheated for Joe Biden and this is what you’ll get us

  8. THE best ELECTION reform would most definitely,possively impeach every single DEMOCRATIC in the party We would have a fair ELECTION from then on Seriously that’s how DEVILISHLY CORRUPT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS PERIOD!!!!

  9. The bill is nothing more than an end run around the Constitution which gives each State the right to run their own election! They want to cement the bad decisions that helped them cheat their way to the White House the House and the Senate. I truly believe after hearing all the testimonies of the people who witnessed the fraud and the reports written by data experts and computer experts that if only the legal votes would have been counted we would have won the White House the House and the Senate. People are truly fed up. President Trump is the only incumbent in recent history to add voters, and not just a few, but at least 10 MILLION. We will never know how many were actually added, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it were double that many! And now we have to watch while a dementia riddled old man goes around pretending to be President. If I were our enemies, I would strike and strike hard. All I can say is God help us all!

  10. GOP must prevail or go home. I am proud of how we stood up for Trump and our party is now much stronger and will now go the extra mile to defeat this traitorous party especially Pelosi who should spend the rest of her miserable life in jail.

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