Left-wing activists frustrated over Biden's failure to appoint a 'book ban coordinator'

 September 12, 2023

President Joe Biden announced in June that he would appoint a "book ban coordinator" as part of his pro-LGBTQ agenda.

However, Politico noted this week that any plans to put forward a nominee appear to have all but disappeared.  

Left-wing activists growing impatient

Among those complaining is Katherine Semisch, who co-founded Advocates for Inclusive Education, a Pennsylvania organization that supports gay-themed books in schools.

"You go to school and you do your best, then somebody calls your principal, and the next thing you know you are in deep hot water for something that you did in innocence and only with the best intentions toward the kids at heart," she was quoted as telling Politico. "Like who wants that job?" she added.

Robert Kim serves as executive director at the left-wing Education Law Center, and he offered a similar perspective on the issue.

"We’ve created a censorship snowball, and that’s why it’s important there be careful guidance to encourage districts to think very hard about what they’re censoring and how they’re doing it," he declared.

Georgia school district investigated

Politico noted that a spokesperson for the Department of Education could not provide any details regarding when the position of book ban coordinator would be filled.

However, the spokesperson did say that an unnamed senior official will help enforce federal civil rights laws in school districts as well as provide "resources and trainings."

Meanwhile, The Hill reported in May that the Department of Education' Office of Civil Rights (OCR) conducted an investigation of Georgia's Forsyth County School District.

"OCR has a concern the District received notice that its media center book screening process may have created a hostile environment for students, yet the District’s responsive steps related to the book screening process were not designed to, and were insufficient to, ameliorate any resultant racially and sexually hostile environment," it concluded, resulting an agreement between the school district and the OCR being reached.

Parents express growing concern over sexually explicit books

There has been growing concern in recent years among parents over the kind of material that their children are being exposed to in school.

Last year, conservative activist Christopher Rufo explained to then-Fox News host Tucker Carlson how the National Education Association (NEA) promoted a book to children which detailed graphic sex acts.

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