‘Bet it’s hot’: Leftist foes pile on Limbaugh following news of his death

For millions of fans across the U.S. and around the world, news this week of conservative broadcaster Rush Limbaugh’s death at the age of 70 came as a tragic end to his battle with lung cancer.

Among his many detractors across the mainstream media and progressive punditry, however, his passing seemed more like a cause for celebration.

Fans and foes weigh in

Few mainstream obituaries were written without a nod to the view that Limbaugh’s unabashedly right-wing views were in some way contemptible. On Twitter, the hatred toward him came without a filter.

Perhaps Limbaugh would have considered some of the disdain to be a badge of honor after spending decades behind the radio microphone building a fiercely loyal fan base.

Along the way, he built a reputation among his foes as a dangerous bigot.

News of his death caused some of them to thump their chests on social media, with vulgar hashtags trending on Twitter and vitriol spilling out from all corners of the web.

An account called “Rush Limbaugh Fun Facts” offered an abrupt take: “He’s dead.”

“They all respected Rush”

A number of Hollywood stars added to the sentiment, including Bette Midler, who wrote: “Rush Limbaugh has gone to his reward. Bet it’s hot.”

This response likely comes as no surprise to those who have seen other prominent conservatives pilloried upon their deaths. For many other Americans, however, Limbaugh represented a giant of conservatism and an icon whose life is worth honoring.

He spent a career telling listeners what was on his mind with little apparent reservation, which became a constant source of joy to his fans — and outrage to his enemies.

Among those who publicly memorialized Limbaugh on Wednesday was former President Donald Trump, who took the opportunity during multiple interviews to share his thoughts on the late host. During an interview on Fox News Channel’s Hannity, Trump recalled the circumstances surrounding his decision to present Limbaugh with a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

“It was an idea that we had that a lot of people suggested to me, frankly, a lot of great people of our country, largely Republican,” Trump said, according to the New York Post. “It was an amazing night because the Republicans went wild and the Democrats sat there, but they all respected Rush.”

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38 Responses

  1. Rush was a political genius who was able to fathom where a person’s political sentiments would lead them, sometimes years later. A remarkable man!

    1. Yes he was. May he rest in peace. The Demorats have no value for life. Their day will come when they will be judged for their actions.

    1. Rush is laughing up in heaven!!!!
      THESE IDIOT DEMIs feel safe now
      that he is not around to call them out!

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  3. To those criticizing Rush be careful what you wish for. What goes around comes around. Hate is all you have. Look in the mirror and you will find an idiot. You will be judged upon your death.

    1. Harshly judged as they should be, Rush Limbaugh was & will be remembered as an American hero who spoke freely of THE TRUTH, He will be sorely missed & will go down in history for what he was “An American Hero”!!

  4. There is a misnomer being spread that to arrive in hell after physical death is based on what we have done on this earth. Whether we agree with a person’s views is not the basis for their spending eternity in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone. The only basis for arrival in heaven or hell in the time of our “death” is based solely on our faith in Jesus Christ who is the only way sin (coming short of all God is) can be forgiven. So say otherwise is to misunderstand what the Creator/Savior has said in His Word. Don’t be fooled. There is only one way to come to God and that through Jesus Christ.

  5. I miss Rush and it has just been a few days since God called for him to come home. He suffered a lot because I have been with friends during cancer treatments and it wasn’t a picnic the day of or days after the treatment. He was a brave man and I realized the more I listen to his program the more I realized he was a genius. He was a human just like the rest of us, however, he became a hero to millions of his listeners. His voice was a comforting treasure on earth. God, thank you for sending him to earth in 1951 and letting me find his voice in about 1989. Rush, you were here for a reason and you succeeded beyond all measure. Thank you, Rush !!

  6. Many times over the years someone who was down and out would call Rush with the intention of letting him have it with all their might. However, by the end of the call they would see how much cared about them and wanted the best for them. By the end of the call they would have a new way of thinking and would hang up as Rush fans.

  7. The Bible says in the last days your good will be evil spoken of.Do not let the evil in the earth stop the good we can do.Cancel culture is what I think is best cancel movies sports music the view pray and go fishing GOD is in control and hell is real enjoy

  8. Rush wae a great man not like our President. Rush is in heaven setting next to God and his Son. Not like Bette M. who will be 🔥 in hell and so will the rest of them that disrespected Rush. Shame on you!!

  9. Now that Rush can’t defend himself, all the cowards who dared not publicly criticize him because he would surely describe their faulty thinking on air have come out from under their rock. The Bible speaks truth and some people cannot abide truth. They cannot love their neighbor because they find it impossible to love themselves.

    1. Excellent post ! You nailed it with those who did not have the guts to make such vile statements about him when he was alive. They wear the badge of a coward . Everyone PLEASE make note of who makes these vile statements and cease to support anything they are part of.

  10. First off, my profound condolences to Rush’s dear wife Kathern and his loving family, after all his suffering you know he’s in a better place. I started listening to him in 89 and he was a great sourse of knowledge and guidence, but I feel he will continue to give us both in the future. May GOD bless him and keep him, may he cause his light to shine apon him and give him rest.

  11. Rush was a true advocator of Conservative values. I remember how the Dems got so very angry when he stated that he wished Obama no success with his policies when he was voted in as our President. Many Dems said he was a racist when he went against Obama, but in reality, it was not Obama’s race but his policies that Rush was so against. I also remember listening on radio to him as I traveled through the hills of PA, and switched from one station to another as the station I was listening to faded out as I continued my journey. What a joy it was to be able to listen to him and his values, which were identical to mine, as I drove for as many as 6 hours. He will be missed by many.

  12. Do not know everything Rush did. But, do know, the people that talk bad about people whether they know the person or not is a way to protect their inadequate behavior. They feel good when they put others down because they themselves have no life. They are mad that someone stood up to their stupid way of thinking. It’s like a criminal that got caught. Somehow the victim is the bad guy. In this case and others, power. The only power they have is that others like them, feel wonderful. No facts are needed. These people put down Trump before, during, and after the elections. Why would someone do that? Because it is an idiot addiction. Does not matter about facts. If they met this person face to face they would be forced to admit they are wrong. But, since there are no consequences for their actions, they can spew anything from their pothole. Groups and people like this are narcissistic and do not understand the word “Good.”

  13. Please everyone. These people are barbaric; pay no attention to them!! For the most part, they are evil, vile people; they are the kind of people that you just don’t like to be around!!!

  14. Bette will find out first hand how hot it is! She will be begging for one drop of cool water and be denied! Little does she know, she is calling that fate down upon herself! Wishing Ill upon another brings it back to you!

  15. Back when Rush had his TV show and many liberal municipalities tried to block him from the people, I lived in the Baltimore-Washington area. I had heard Rush on the radio in his normal spot at 12 noon and waned to see his TV show but didn’t want to stay up until 2AM to do so. So my wife and I began taping the show and watching it the next day. The experience was terrific in that even though we were conservatives, Rush was a terrific teacher and taught us a lot that we still retain and recognized that Donald Trump unabashedly proclaimed. At work I began advising inquiring souls to watch and listen to Rush. Soon we had a large group of Rush/Conservatives mainly because Rush spearheaded the drive against fuzzy, liberal thinking and policies. Eventually I convinced Rush’s TV administrator to allow me to take 40+ Rush admirers to sit in the audience of his TV show one Thursday. (If you went to the Thursday show, you were in the audience for his Thursday AND Friday shows). I hired a luxury bus, made reservations at Rush’s favorite restaurant around the corner from his studio (Patsy’s), and sold tickets at work for the event. Within an hour the tickets were gone and before long the bus entered the parking lot at work and off we went to Rush’s show.

    What a great experience it was. I still get occasional emails from people on that trip that tell me what the entire event still means to them. Rush Limbaugh…I admire and love what you did for our great country. Enjoy being in the presence of God forever. I’ll see you sooner than later my friend.

  16. Wait until the 2022 elections are over and you will hear an angel’s voice come through the eternal clouds of heaven….” You mess with the Bull…and you get the horns”…Satan(Democrats) will be cast into the fires of hell licking their wounds. Rush was and will always be remembered as the “Bull” for Republicans.!!

  17. What VILE, EVIL, HORRID people for hating someone that much! Then they wonder why we don’t believe a word they say, such hypocrites!!

  18. I had this article bookmarked some time in the past but my notebook crashed. I have since gotten a new one and it took me a while to find this! I also in fact like the theme though.

  19. i was reading throught some of the posts and i stumble on them to be altogether interesting. pathetic my english is not exaclty the very best. would there be anyway to transalte this into my patois, spanish. it would really usurp me a lot. since i could set side by side the english language to the spanish language.

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