Leftists attack Trump for distributing water to residents of East Palestine

February 25, 2023

The Washington Examiner reports that leftists are now criticizing former President Donald Trump for delivering bottled water to residents of East Palestine, Ohio. 

East Palestine is the site of the recent train derailment. The train was carrying toxic chemicals, and residents in the area - particularly the ones who rely on wells for water - have voiced concerns about the dangers posed to their health by the release of these toxic chemicals into the surrounding area.

This past week, on Wednesday, former President Trump made a trip to the crash site. There, Trump gave a speech criticizing the Biden administration's response to the derailment.

Trump, during his visit, also purchased food for emergency responders who have dealt with the crisis, and he brought with him pallets of bottled water to distribute to local residents.

The left's response

Apparently, Trump's generosity was just a bit too much for members of the political left to handle because they immediately started attacking Trump, particularly with regard to the water.

Many made the claim that the water Trump brought to East Palestine residents was expired.

U.S. Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY), for example, tweeted, " . . . Donald Trump travels to East Palestine, Ohio, to market his own branded "Trump Water," which may be 13 years old, and Tucker Carlson applauds him for it.

Leftist Tristan Snell, similarly, wrote, Trump "goes to East Palestine and brings them Trump Water that might actually be at least 13 years old (the business went under in 2010)? Got it."

Many others joined in.


What Torres, Snell, and others tried to claim is that the water Trump brought to East Palestine was "Trump Ice," a brand of water that Trump once sold. This is where the 13-year-old figure comes from, as "Trump Ice" was discontinued in 2010.

Newsweek, however, reports:

It is not true that the water is 13 years old, as the oldest it could possibly be according to archived pages of Trump's merchandise website is 7 years old. It is unclear exactly how old the water delivered to East Palestine is, but Trump Spring Water continues to be used at the former president's hotels, restaurants, and golf courses.

Another claim pushed by leftists is that the water Trump delivered was dark yellow in color. It turns out that this is also false.

The Associated Press reports:

CLAIM: A photo shows that the bottled water that former President Donald Trump gifted to East Palestine, Ohio, residents was dark yellow in color. False. This is a years-old photo that has been altered to discolor the water. AP photos of the bottles Trump handed out in Ohio show that the water appeared clear.

As the Examiner's Christopher Termooglie puts it, "It goes to show the depths to which the Left will sink to sully Trump's name and reputation."

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