‘Explain who these woke supremacists are’: Don Lemon goes after Tim Scott for comments about cancel culture

Don Lemon is known for his narcissistic rants, more akin to performance art than journalism, but appearances can be deceiving. Lemon is not a childish talking head but a theologian, a moral teacher.

The CNN personality broke into his new field on Monday, declaring that God “doesn’t judge people” and demanding that the Catholic church change its teachings to conform with his own fashionable viewpoints. The CNN pundit suffered another one of his moralizing meltdowns on-air Wednesday, this time attacking Black Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) for having an opinion Lemon doesn’t like.

Another Lemon on-air meltdown

In Wednesday’s sermon, he stuck to familiar territory as he reprimanded Scott for suggesting that “woke supremacy” is a problem equivalent to “white supremacy,” according to BizPac Review. After playing a clip of Scott’s remarks, Lemon took a pause and sighed aloud.

“Do you want to explain who these woke supremacists are?” Lemon huffed. “Come on, Tim Scott!”

Lemon said he “didn’t see” any “woke supremacists” at the Capitol on Jan. 6, conveniently ignoring months of far-left rioters taking the law into their own hands this summer, and even suggested with accidental irony, “Where are the woke supremacists attacking police?”

Lemon continued to develop his point that left-wing radicalism is not a serious problem, accusing Scott of “gaslighting” the country and whining that he was spreading “misinformation” by suggesting otherwise, shouting aloud, “what are you doing, brother?”

“White supremacists, Tim Scott!” Lemon raved. “What are you doing?…..Tim Scott! Tim!!!” he continued to sputter. “I know you don’t want me to yell but this is ridiculous. You are gaslighting people, you are giving people misinformation! What are you doing, brother? What are you doing? You’re not helping!”

Scott responds

If one is only willing to accept Lemon’s assumption that left-wing violence and cancel culture are not real, then his speech may start to sound convincing.

Scott, who has often been derided by leftists as a “token” conservative and an “Uncle Tom,” said that Lemon and others are simply intolerant of Black conservatives like himself.

“It was the woke supremacists, by the way, who said that me and Herschel Walker were the coon squad,” Scott told Fox News.

“If you watch the folks who are yelling the loudest right now, it includes people who are at their wit’s end because there are African Americans willing to speak their minds from a conservative perspective,” Scott said.

He continued, “Until [Lemon] has taken a serious look at what’s happening on his side of the aisle and come out strong against that, we’re going to continue to have a conversation in America that keeps us divided and not building a bridge so that we can live in this nation together.”

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29 Responses

  1. Is Lemon saying you are not Black if you are a Conservative? Or, you have to be a Liberal to understand Black concerns, otherwise, you are Uncle Tom.
    Tim Scott has done more for this Country from an honest perspective, not a Black/White one that resides in Lemon’s brain.

    1. Lemon is the absolute most rasist black man I’ve ever seen we watched mid term elections and he went from were winning to dems are losing ground to there starting to lose then back to were coming up again he’s absolutly so far left we couldn’t even finish watching it

  2. Don Lemon I mean come on Don Lemon ! You are so woke you would attack a man of your own race just because he holds to a different opinion than you ! That is just about as hypocritical as you can get .The fact that you have little or nothing to say about the woke supremacists that burned down and trashed stores and such of minority owned business’s . Is that what you determine is a fairness doctrine ? Destroy all business equally . Hey Don Lemon what’s happening in Portland Oregon ,murder rate up 2000% since defunding the Police ! Who do you think is suffering the most from this idiotic move Do Lemon . You sir are a prime example of woke supremacy !

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  4. Nobody listens to Don Lemon with his pumped up feeling of self-importance!!! I caught him the other day trying to say he could read the mind of God!!! Even Satan can’t do that!!! So, why would anyone believe or listen to don lemon???

    1. You’re right about that, he is a mouth piece in more ways than one. He is so full of drama he needs his own reality show maybe named “As The Mouth S–ks.”

  5. Listening to Don Lemon, the average intelligent individual would summarize anything Don espouses is from the mouth of: a one-digit-IQ-slug, and an infected STD genital-sucking-slime-ball.

  6. Lemon is obviously a Democrat! There for, the Democratic Party started slavery and included the KKK. So by that knowledge, shouldn’t the cancel culture step up and cancel the Democratic Party and do away wit any organization having anything to do with supporting slavery? Come on man. As Mr. Biden would say! CANCEL THE DEMOCRATS! NOW.

  7. Let me school you lemonhead, Tim Scott is black not white so you cant call him “white supremacist”. Number 2: Tim Scott has done more for the minorities in the last year then YOU have done in your pitiful egotistical career as a so called journalist.

  8. Why is he still allowed to spew this B.S.? Do people really watch Commie News Network? He is the antichrist.

  9. You have to remember he works at CNN,a left wing station,if they don’t like what you say they yell ,obey he voted for Sleepy Joe.And he is for equal right ,no he is for communist rights.Like Sleepy Joe said if you don’t vote democratic you aren’t black .So Don must be black he obeyed his master.Don thinks he is sooo smart.Tim Scott brought the best out of slave Don

  10. lemon head is bought and sold by the left he is told what to say and to never say anything good about the right..

  11. WHO does Lemon think he is? A Primadonna or a real lemon? I never respected him as an anchor; he merely repeats the propaganda that the left want sshim to do; he is a complete turn off; he thinks he is Mr Personality;

  12. WHO is his fun base? I wouldn‘t be surprised if they are people like him; if he is truly narcissistic then he is using others just to promote himself; CNN should fire him: he is no good bc he is invoking so much negative response

  13. Don Lemmon is the “ used car” lemon of the demonrat party! What a doof! And he thinks he is relevant, which is really sad! Lemmon is so low he has to reach up to touch bottom!

  14. This racist, woke, prejudice (pre judge) is a bunch of media crap to keep people off balance and interject unacceptable principals.

  15. Trying to reason with or explain ANYTHING to Don Lemon is akin to talking to a fire hydrant—it’s an IMPOSSIBLE task.

  16. Sen. Scott is an educated intelligent man. Lemon is a sick pervert who should be living on a bench somewhere.

  17. I think Sen. Scott spoke the truth & people like Lemon can’t handle the truth so they rant & rave just to confuse everyone! Lemon you should take a page from Scott’s play book he actually helps minorities he doesn’t incite riots or prejudice like you!

  18. Don Lelon is no more of a “pastor” than satan is though Lemon and satan do agree on most things.

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