Levin under threat of firing from radio production company

Following November’s presidential election, conservative talk radio host Mark Levin has not shied away from covering allegations that the outcome was tainted by fraud.

But as the Washington Examiner reported on Monday, the company that produces Levin’s program is trying to shut him up — and he’s not the only one they want to silence.

“We need to help induce national calm NOW,” Philips said in a memo obtained by The Washington Post. Philips serves as executive vice president of content at Cumulus Media, which owns 416 radio stations in 84 regions across the country.

Philips declared that there is to be no tolerance for “any suggestion that the election has not ended,” adding, “The election has been resolved and there are no alternate acceptable ‘paths.'”

Fire hosts who question election

The Cumulus executive stressed that this policy regarding election commentary will be enforced by both Cumulus Media as well as the company’s syndication arm, Westwood One.

Philips concluded by threatening to fire his hosts, saying, “If you transgress this policy, you can expect to separate from the company immediately.”

Philips’ memo comes in the wake of riot at the Capitol building last week that resulted in the death of five people, including U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian D. Sicknick, as well as a woman who was shot by Capitol Police, air force veteran Ashli Babbitt.

Although the overwhelming majority of the thousands of Americans who showed up to protest on Wednesday were entirely peaceful, the riot at the Capitol by a right-wing mob is being used to squelch free speech broadly among conservatives and supporters of the president — including President Trump himself, who was permanently banned from Twitter last week.

Twitter, Apple, Amazon and Google also launched a seemingly coordinated attack against free speech app alternative Paler, forcing it to go offline at least temporarily, Fox Business reported.

Levin denies blame

Levin denied that he played any role in the violence at the Capitol, telling his audience on Thursday, “I’m not stirring up a damn thing,” according to the Washington Examiner.

“Everything I say is based on principle and mission. Everything is based on liberty, family, faith, the Constitution. … My enemies and my critics can’t say the same,” he said.

In addition to carrying Levin’s show, Cumulus Media also employs conservative commentator Dan Bongino.

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62 Responses

  1. A lack of truth is not calming. It is only destructive. The truth gives you the knowledge to deal well with what comes. When you cannot know what is coming you are ill prepared and unable to function ,confused, and most of all apt to be hurt and hurt others in your reactions.

    1. Who is this guy and company!!! They don’t like to truth !!! Too bad.. We will get all of them back, KARMA IS A BIT…. And trust me it comes.

      1. I pray daily that these anti-Constitution types like Mr. Philips, “Damned” Dorsey, “Auschwitz” Zuckerberg, etc. shall suffer pain and famine all the days of their lives, and forever NEVER dwell in the House of the LORD… Mr. Levin is a lawyer, he must file suit immediately. Cumulus is in bankruptcy, a large judgment can break them.

        1. Correct! I think the idea would to buy out Cumulus by Levin and others with the objective to rid us of these NAZIs and bring the radio world and TV syndications back to the truth and what the constitution has guaranteed us. I would like to buy CNN and do the same to them. Of the people I have spoken with they are willing to crowd fund whatever effort to do these actions and bring truthful Journalism back to the big media world. No one I have spoken with (a lot of people) said no. They ALL agreed to put something into “go fund” these efforts.

      2. The MSM is absolutely the biggest problem we have in this country. The young, so called journalists, will pay an extreme price for their ignorance. Their future is very dim. They are highly responsible for the damage that is being done to the only free country left in the world.

        1. Sadly, I have to disagree. When I was younger, studying the Soviet Communists who threatened world domination in the name of Marx and Lenin, I often wondered in my naivete how reporters and writers at places like Pravda (“Truth”) and Izvestia (“Delivered Messages”) could lie to the Soviet people on behalf of the Government.
          Now we see how easy it is. Pay someone $200,000 a year to read a tele-prompter. Control the tele-prompter. Those who refuse are fired and replaced by any of a thousand others who will say whatever.
          We have now heard the morning briefings by CNN head Zucker — what they will cover, what they will not, and how they will spin events to fit the narrative. Propaganda, pure and simple.
          Now threaten the heads of these conglomerates with ruin unless they produce acceptable copy, and the rest is human nature.

    2. That is exactly their strategy- to cause havoc and mayhem to create exactly what you describe. Just like the riots did this summer.

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  3. Mark Levin is a strict constitutionalist. If his bosses have a problem with that, it’s there fault not his. It’s time for new broadcasting and media companies and it’s time for the “silent” majority to quit being complacent. It’s our own fault that the country has deteriorated this far and it may be too late to take it back…but we can’t sit idly by while those that have a voice are punished for telling us the truth. Where can we contact this person/company???

    1. Everyone (Dems) are taking our first amendment away any way they can. I’m sorry Mark Levin, but I enjoy hearing your show and know that I am hearing the truth. This country is in so much trouble right now and you deserve to share your truths as you do. I have never been so angry at our government than I am right now. 😡 The station will be sorry!

      1. Amen , I too am frustrated with this country the way it is going, and there is NOTHING that will convince me that this 2020 election was fair, and Levin is a good , honest person whos words have truth Paul the Jarhead 79-82

      1. That would be the best news ever to have both Levin & Bongino. Let’s hope that happens. I don’t watch FOX any longer since Paul Ryan sits on the Board, I’ve switched to One America News Network (OANN) and Newsmax.
        Don’t even watch local news because they are all programmed talking heads who know jack.

        1. Yes local news is just another leg of fake news. I watch the local weather and I turn it off. Every news media local or national is just a farce. No truth is nothing anymore. I hope people just turn off the media we know the election was rigged. Biden tells everyone that it was rigged. He didn’t need our votes. That’s the Red flag!! That should be used in a court of law. President Trump won Hans down.

  4. That would be one of their biggest mistakes. 26 Million hit in listeners would really hurt their ability to sell advertising. They can go out of business also. Mark does not need them they need him. That is just how it works.

  5. Nothing like burying the truth is there. these dirty corrupt people are so fearful of truth and I can see why

  6. This is what happens when you let one person or company have all the power. Stop letting the few have all the power. Diversify and stay local. This way, freedom and the truth cannot be infringed upon.

  7. Mark and Dan can go to newsmax or oan and take all their listeners with them. Fox News is getting a dose of what happens when you squash 75 million voters. Now we need to get a few more off their pedestals of lies.

    1. See what they did to Parler. A unified informed society scares the crap out of the “cancel culture demorats “ the technology and media companies are running an open monopoly. They must be knocked off there pedestal

  8. What hypocrites! Peace! Did you object to the violence, killing, looting, destroying people’s businesses this summer? You think we are stupid but we watch everything you fake media do. You are going to answer to a higher power, who is Jesus Christ.

  9. What the Democrats want is a North Korea type news service. Today the normal citizens of North Korea believe that Kim Jong Un is the only thing protecting them from that evil American empire.
    Do we really want that here?

  10. Mark levin tells it like it is! He is one person I listen to because he doesn’t sell the demonrat hype! If they fire him because he tells the truth, that is going to cause them to loose a major portion of their listeners. Bad idea, powers that be! You need to re think that notion!

  11. All of the conservative news casters, reporters, et al, must get together, put their money together and start their own server, etc., and start from scratch so these evil, communists are unable to have any authority with them.

  12. Fraudulent corrupt election.
    200 000 more votes than voters!
    This inauguration is a drama show FRAUD.
    Seriously? Biden? A pervert criminal?

  13. some one has to stand up to these commie freaks before we end up as sorry as china, north korea, iran and any other country that crushes every ones freedom and rights. anyone who wants to lose there rights and freedom is not thinking of how good we have it here in our country. many ,many thousands of brave men and women have died for our freedoms. i am a former military , have been stationed many places and seen how people are forced to live its not pretty

  14. I believe President Trump will start his own TV or radio station. Mark Levin and all the others being targeted for exercising their Constitutional First Amendment rights to free speech I made sure will be welcomed there.

  15. Thank God only about 1% of the crowd chose to riot. There should be a strong message to this arrogant congress. People are fed up with the lies, hypocrisy, political games, and hate coming out of the left. Suppose all of the rally attendants had joined the 1%. ! I hardly think an institution with an approval rating around 10% has any grounds to put blame on anyone but themselves. They have thumbed their noses to the people and continue to destroy our constitution . The only thing more despicable are the people that vote them into office.

    1. The capital riot was pre-planned event. Same as the plandemic. The riot was already in action prior to POTUS’s speech had concluded. Also, prior to the protesters starting the March to the capital.
      The rioters were wearing black, hardhats and carried weapons. The Trump protesters were not.
      One protestor said he was paid to be there. Duh ! If we had an unbiased FBI & DOJ, they would release the investigation reports.

  16. The following list of radio stations in Florida are complicit with the evil entities trying to destroy our country: FM 105.5, NEWS TALK AM 1260, FM 99 ROCK, COAST FM 93.3, FM Z96, FM 95.9, FM 102.7, AM 1560, FM 107.1, FM 106.1, FM 102.7, FM 100.7, FM 94.1, AM 1370, FM 96.1, FM 102.3, FM 104.1, FM 98.3 AND FM 98.9. The best we can do to stop them is to not listen and hit them where it hurts, their ratings.

  17. Mark is a very good man and an honest man. Please do not fall for the Democrat’s plan to crush America

  18. Amen , I too am frustrated with this country the way it is going, and there is NOTHING that will convince me that this 2020 election was fair, and Levin is a good , honest person whos words have truth Paul the Jarhead 79-82

  19. The only way to take our freedom and country back is to hurt your enemy opponent.. if thats starting our own conservative network, supporting our own conservative business or hurting them ANY WAY POSSIBLE! Its going to take a fight and bloodshed to take our country back. We will have to be the the greatest generation. DEO VENDICE!

  20. Liberia media has show its true evil side. They can’t take the truth. The ejection was a total fraud. Does China already own every corporation leadership in this country. Look around stand up 80 million people will stop listening. Go ahead cut off leading shows and go thry way of Twitter. Should we start shirting your stock

  21. I am tired of conservatives being treated like criminals. I am tired of them being. Threatened, attacked, slandered amd lied about. What is being done to half of the people of this nation is criminal. I am afraid for myself, my family, friends and the citizens of this country. Our freedoms are systematically being taken away!

  22. Why is congress & the Dem”s pushing impeachment ? Covid-19 killing our

    Impeachment or Covid-19 WHAT IS KILLING MORE PEOPLE ?
    Duty Honor Country 67-74 been in war

  23. Sounds like the Dems are acting more like communists and deciding on who to impeach, fire, or try to make resign. Communists do these things.
    What goes around comes around…..

  24. USA has become the laughingstock of the world. thanks to the dimoncrats. Karma is low coming but it will eventually will come with vengeance.

  25. Well, sorry, but there are TONS of us who question the rigged election. That is not going away. STOP THE STEAL. Put the Dems in jail for their crime of rigging the election. Now we cannot have a real president because he did not WIN. The election was stolen for him. So, therefore, we have a FAKE president.

  26. Fox is losing listeners by the millions. When they started putting people like Donna Brazille on, they started going down hill. There are now fewer listeners listening to FOX than CNN. They might as well get rid of Hannity, Carlson and a few others and see how low their listener count goes. FOX , at one time was about the only news network you could listen to if you wanted real news. Not any more. I don’t listen to FOX anymore, might as well listen to CNN.Not much difference.

  27. Fox lost a lot when Dad left and the sons took over! They are lefty s as are their wifes! And not just donna, but lyn ryan was a bad day for fox! Lose Tucker, Hannity, and Laura and a couple of others and your gone! Never watch the others since I read where they are given what to say by the Head Honchos who have ties to DC. So they have no real reporters, just puppets who are told what to say!

  28. I really don’t know what is going on with this country. I am 78 years old and I
    have never seen it this way. The press is completely out of control and they are going to create a real mess in this country. Venezuela here we come.

  29. I always thought the Left was coming after our first amendment, but I actually thought it would be in a subtle manner. I was wrong, this is about as arrogant and overt as it can get, and along with it come a dare of “what are you going to do about it?” issued to over 74 million people. So, what do 74 million people do when they are under attack by their own government in a coalition with big business? I guess we are going to find out. May the force be with us.

  30. All of you…where were you and your commentaries when needed at the outset of the Trump Administration when Pelosi and Schumer started their attacks??
    We need a NEW REPUBLICAN PARTY founded by Donald J. Trump.

  31. The faster Phillips finds a buyer he should bail. Viewers want Levin and Bongino, they don’t need or want shady tail kissing leftwingers!

  32. The implications that this was a controlled fraudulent election is not just frightening -it Is treason which nations have gone to civil war for.
    At this time at least Arizona and possible other states are looking into it.
    If it is shown that this is true many people including the democrats must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. When the only reasonable explanation is conspiracy the thats what it is.

  33. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

    “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” was written by John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton who is known as Lord Acton, in 1887. The original phrase he wrote is “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

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