Levin: Harris ‘most extremist radical’ US politician to ever ‘run for high office’

While the Democratic Party continues to cast presidential running mate Kamala Harris as a political moderate in order to attract more voters, plenty of critics are coming forward to challenge that narrative.

As conservative radio host Mark Levin argued on his Fox News Channel program Life, Liberty & Levin, there is a long list of issues by which the U.S. senator can be defined as a radical leftist.

“Elimination of private healthcare”

He made his case during Sunday night’s broadcast, suggesting Harris is even to the left of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the democratic socialist she competed against during the 2020 Democratic presidential primary race. Levin was prepared with a list of characteristics and policy positions that he said flew in the face of her supposed centrism.

“She compared the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service … to the Ku Klux Klan,” he said.

The host went on to denounce Harris’ healthcare platform, declaring that she “believes in government-run healthcare for illegal aliens” as well as “the elimination of private healthcare … that means 160 million people would lose their healthcare.”

“Massively increase taxes”

His on-air assessment included critical takes on a number of other hot-button topics.

On climate change: “She wants to eventually eliminate in short order coal, oil, natural gas, all fossil fuels and eliminate fracking.”

On taxes: “She wants to repeal the president’s tax cuts for the middle class. She wants to massively increase taxes on all Americans.”

On abortion: “She supports infanticide and even more, she believes you, the American taxpayer, regardless of your religion, regardless of your moral views, that you should pay for it.”

“Would immediately disqualify her”

It all adds up, Levin concluded, to a candidate who “sounds like the most extremist radical politician to ever run for high office in the United States of America.”

Of course, he is not the only Harris critic to point out her far-left stances even as some in her own party complain that she is not extreme enough. U.S. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), for example, said that her “record would immediately disqualify her to any moderate, steady-handed candidate.”

Worse yet, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden did not see a noticeable bump in the polls after announcing his running mate pick. With the gap between Biden and President Donald Trump appearing to shrink, the Democratic ticket might be scrambling to convince voters that they should support the ticket.

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