Mark Levin slams Democrats over treatment of Barr at Judiciary hearing

Last week’s House Judiciary Committee hearing featuring Attorney General Bill Barr was nothing but a partisan attack on a good man, according to one conservative commentator.

“I’ve never seen a senior official of any administration ever treated like that,” radio host Mark Levin told Fox, according to the Washington Examiner.

Levin blasts “beating” of Barr

Levin echoed the criticism of many conservatives, who said that the House Judiciary hearing was a textbook example of liberal intolerance — and flat-out disrespect for a senior Cabinet member.

Over the course of five hours, Democrats accused Barr of all manner of misdeeds, from downplaying the Mueller report to sending federal agents to Portland for Trump’s benefit to helping the president’s friends get special treatment from the justice department, as Politico reported.

But they seldom gave him a chance to respond, routinely cutting him off with the phrase, “reclaiming my time.” Levin said that the Democrats were not interested in talking about unrest on America’s streets, opting instead to engage in a vicious partisan “beating” of a high-ranking official.

“This hearing should have been how do we come together as a nation to put down rioters who were trying to overthrow the country. Marxists, anarchists, whether they’re Black Lives Matter or Antifa,” Levin complained, according to the Examiner.

“But that’s not how it works. The Democrat Party is all in on this radical, hardcore agenda. And so they’re beating up on the attorney general,” he added.

“Trying to soften him up”

Beyond scoring soundbites, the Democrats had a more specific purpose in mind, Levin speculated.

The Dems were seeking to once again sow doubts about Barr’s credibility, in anticipation of the conclusion of John Durham’s criminal investigation of the origins of the Russia probe, Levin posited. That particular inquiry has long been assailed by Democrats as a partisan effort by Barr to vindicate Trump’s claims of a “witch hunt.”

“Furthermore, this attorney general is trying to get to the bottom of the horrific corruption in the Obama administration,” Levin said, adding that Dems are “trying to soften him up and ruin his reputation when that information comes out.”

At the hearing, Barr would not rule out pre-election publication of Durham’s findings, but he refused to put the probe on a specific timeline for either Democratic or Republican questioners. “[Durham] is working very diligently and justice isn’t something you order up on a schedule like you order pizza,” the attorney general declared, as ABC News noted.

When it comes down to it, none of this is really anything from the Democrats — they’re just sinking to even lower depths.

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