Liberal author: America is becoming a ‘totalitarian state before our eyes’

A former Democratic adviser and a feminist author just issued a dire warning for Americans.

According to Naomi Wolf, who at one point was an adviser for Bill Clinton’s 1996 reelection campaign, under the Biden administration, America is rapidly becoming a “totalitarian state before our eyes.” 

She’s right

Wolf’s comments came during an appearance Monday on the Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” There, she warned viewers that America is quickly “moving into a coup situation, a police state,” citing Biden and the Democrats’ restrictive coronavirus policies.

Wolf told host Tucker Carlson that those in power “are using [the coronavirus] to engage in emergency orders that simply strip us of our rights; rights to property, rights to assembly, rights to worship, all the rights the Constitution guarantees.”

Wolf noted how “the state has now crushed businesses, kept us from gathering in free assembly to worship as the First Amendment provides, is invading our bodies … which is a violation of the Fourth Amendment, restricting movement, fining us in New York state … the violations go on and on.”

According to Wolf, this response by the government to the coronavirus is “completely unprecedented.” “Lockdowns have never been done in society and really, we are turning into a totalitarian state before everyone’s eyes,” she said.

Wolf, according to Fox, has written a book in which she goes through the ten steps that she argues all “would-be tyrants always take when they want to close down a democracy.” Wolf told Carlson that the United States is currently heading toward “step 10.”

“Whether they are on the left or the right, they do these same ten things,” Wolf said. “And, now we’re at something I never thought I would see in my lifetime … it is step 10 and that is the suspension of the rule of law and that is when you start to be a police state, and we’re here. There is no way around it.”

It ought to be a non-partisan issue

In recent months, Wolf has been especially critical of the Democrats’ approach to handling the coronavirus pandemic. In November, she tweeted that this approach has caused her to rethink the vote she cast in the 2020 election for President Joe Biden.

“If I’d known Biden was open to ‘lockdowns’ as he now states, which is something historically unprecedented in any pandemic, and a terrifying practice, one that won’t ever end because elites love it, I would never have voted for him,” Wolf tweeted at the time.

In her interview with Fox, Wolf expressed her wish that the “left and right” would come together on this issue “to protect our Constitution” because it “is not a partisan thing” but something “that transcends everything that you and I might disagree or agree on.”

It does not appear that this unity is coming, though, which, according to Wolf, is bad news “because history also shows that it’s a small window in which people can fight back before it is too dangerous to fight back.”

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23 Responses

  1. NAOMI,

    1. to Lee Harant: What Naomi Wolf is saying is a lot more in depth and worthy of a much more thoughtful, in-depth comment than your trite response. What she is talking about is a complete change in how our country is run and how our rights are being eroded. She is correct and has put a lot of thought into what she is trying to tell the entire country. We, as Americans, need to figure out how to fight this rampant erosion of our country – and it’ll take a lot more than just elections. And btw; you don’t need to try to yell at Naomi; she deserves a lot more respect than that and some admiration for realizing that so-called liberalism has been bastardized.

      1. This woman supported Democrats and their policies for decades and decades and just now came to the realization of what they truly are dwanting to do? I disagree with you. She just wants to sell some damn books! She is disgusting!

    1. I sure hope so that we totally defeat them in the upcoming election with biden in charge this nation is quickly becoming a fourth world sh-thole

      1. How can we defeat them, when elections are no longer legitimate? We actually elected Donald Trump, in a landslide, in 2020. Who’s President though? Elections can no longer be trusted.

    2. After the 2022 elections when the Republicans have won the House & the Senate impeachment proceeding can start against Sleepy, Hiding Corrupt, China Joe Biden!

      1. How are Republicans going to win in 2022? Democrats have rendered elections worthless. No matter what the people vote for, it no longer matters. The Democrats will install whoever they want through fraudulent ways. The Democrat Party has corrupted our system top to bottom ! A good example of what I’m talking about, is the Supreme Court. They’ve had several opportunities to correct the fraudulent 2020 election, but have absolutely refused to even have evidence presented. They know that if the American people could actually see what happened during the election, there would be civil unrest like you’ve never seen. So, rather than support the Constitution, the Supreme Court decided to punt!!

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  3. Democrats are no more, they are libcoms-liberal communists. I’ll give this to you very slowly, a hint in all my posts to come. As we near summer, stock up on food. Actually, it would be better to do it now because prices will be rising soon and they are talking about fabricated meat. There was hint number one.

  4. Biden and the Democratic Party are destroying our country. It’s only been 1 month and look at the damage Biden’s EOs have caused our people! Loss of jobs, open borders allowing not only illegals in but illegals without COVID-19 tests! They LOCK DOWN our country and mandate wearing masks then they allow in illegals w/o even testing! INSANE!!! Putting ALL Americans at risk! Pouring money into Democratic paybacks. Only 9% of the COVID relief package has ANYTHING to do with health/safety of COVID issues! WASTED MONEY, OUR MONEY. They just keep putting us into more danger physically and financially. Our great grandchildren will still be paying for this! Yes, help those Americans in need but don’t keep giving our money out for NON COVID-19 related things! It’s insane the things this party is doing! Censorship, what happen to the 1st Ammendment? Ban Guns? Take away the 2nd Ammendment? INSANE. You are killing our country and her people’s freedoms. May God help us all.

  5. Naomi, you should have known what Biden would do! Anyone paying attention should have known. Now, we all get to suffer yours and others’ bad choice of voting for him.

    1. Lt. Polans: Thank you for a helpful Post, with good advice. Bill Gates has way too much influence in our country and for those of you not up to date, he believes we should do away with meat altogether and, as the Lt says, we should make “fabricated meat”. To further that goal he has bought up LOTS AND LOTS of American farmland. Think about that, he could refuse to allow the use of the farmland for anything he doesn’t like. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, IT’S A FACT. Take the time to research it.

      1. Bill Gates is a dangerous person. He thinks that the worlds population is way to high. What exactly is he planning to do about? Everyone with views toward the hard left need to be watched very carefully. As for the future elections being a solution, I don’t think we can wait that long. Just look at the last election. Look at our supreme court – what a travesty they are. As for Amy Barrett, I am so disgusted with her actions. I thought she would rule by the constitution. Dems don’t believe in the constitution so they just ignore it and get away with it and that is the scariest thing of all.

    2. This woman is a total fraud. She has been a lifelong Democrat. She has wholeheartedly supported their policies for decades. She voted for Joe Biden in 2020 election. Now, miraculously, she realizes that she has made a mistake? Give me a break! She just wants to sell some damn books! She’s a total fraud, and she disgusts me!

  6. Dems say no one is above the law when they speak about President Trump. What about Pelosi and her demons? Why isn’t anything being done about the election fraud that took place right in front of us? Why wasn’t she and her demons ever warned about the nonsense they pulled over and over again trying to destroy President Trump and they’re still trying. Why is Hollywood and TV entertainment allowed to criticize our President and snub and destroy those who voted for president Trump? Who gave them the right to have only their opinions count?

  7. I don’t understand why those who voted for the illegal democrats could not see the writing on the wall. Are they that stupid. We did our job and President Trump won the election. No one did anything about recounts or invalid votes. Biden did not have the votes to be president.

  8. Yup , that Election Was STOLEN . That said is there Any Doubt as to Why Bidence , Bidunce Bidink or whatever his name is as to why they are now trying So Hard by any means to DISARM All of Us PATRIOTS ??? That is the BIGGEST STONE in their path to Totally takeover OUR COUNTRY . I suggest that anyone who cares and Loves this Country to Get a Firearm if you don’t , if you already do , just BUY MORE AMMO . IF you can even find any . Be READY PATRIOTS . I fear We will Need them

  9. 1984 is here Big brother is going to care for you cradle to grave so why work? Of course you must pay for everything at a higher rate to pay for the One World agenda. How do like the Democratic party now. They are after your rights, watch them slowly take control. Never give up your right to own a gun(weapon) to the left leaning government.

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