Liberal Bill Maher speaks out against gender transitioning for children

Comedian Bill Maher does not seem to be in agreement with his fellow liberals when it comes to gender transitioning for children.

Breitbart News reports that Maher recently spoke out against the use of such things as puberty blockers in pediatrics. 

Maher did so during Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s Real Time. 

“[I]t’s okay to ask questions about something that’s very new and involves children,” Maher said. “The answer can’t always be that anyone from a marginalized community is automatically right, trump card, mic drop, end of discussion. Because we’re literally experimenting on children.”

It’s true

This all came as part of Maher’s opening monologue on Friday. He started off by citing polling that appears to show that “the LGBT population of America seems to be roughly doubling every generation.”

From there, Maher went on to focus on the push for gender transitioning for children. He backed up his claim that “we’re literally experimenting on children” by using the unknowns about puberty blockers as an example.

“Maybe that’s why Sweden and Finland have stopped giving puberty blockers to kids,” Maher said, “because we just don’t know much about the long-term effects, although common sense should tell you that when you reverse the course of raging hormones, there’s going to be problems.”

Maher then cited some of the already known problems, such as the hindering of the development of bone density and problems with fertility.

Maher questions ideology

In the remainder of the segment, Maher suggested alternative explanations for the seemingly increasing LGBT numbers. He, for example, suggested that some young people are likely claiming to be transgender because it is “trendy,” while others are being pushed into it by their parents’ “trendy” leftwing politics.

“If we can’t admit that, in certain enclaves, there is some level of trendiness to the idea of being anything other than straight, then this is not a serious, science-based discussion: it’s a blow being struck in the culture wars using children as cannon fodder.”

Maher later added, “Kids are fluid about everything. If kids knew what they wanted to be at age eight, the world would be filled with cowboys and princesses. I wanted to be a pirate, thank God nobody took me seriously and scheduled me for eye removal and peg leg surgery.”

It’s some rare commonsense from the liberal comedian.

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