Liberals accuse CNN of becoming ‘Fox News lite’ amid staff shakeup

As CNN announced the departure of John Harwood on Friday, liberals are becoming worried that the network will become “Fox News lite” under new head Chris Licht.

The network’s ratings have plummeted since former President Donald Trump left office, largely because it has offered only biased coverage that tried to ignore and hide all of Democrats’ flaws and amplify Republicans.’

Some have said that Licht wants to pursue more nonpartisan news coverage, and that might be why the network has dumped a number of its top hosts in recent weeks.

Besides Harwood, Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter and legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin have been forced out of the network.

Twitter freakout

Liberals took to–where else?–Twitter to freak out about the changes. On Saturday, “Boycott CNN” was trending on the social media platform.

“The idiocy at @CNN that they think they can become Fox News-lite and will win over conservatives is bizarre. The fact that they don’t see they will lose all of their regular viewers who don’t want propaganda-lite is even greater idiocy,” Kurt Eichenwald tweeted.

“It’s pretty clear that CNN’s new leadership is aiming to become a lesser Fox News,” progressive commentator Charlotte Clymer wrote.

“CNN is gone full MAGA because a Trumper took control of it,” Democrat activist Pam Keith tweeted.

Can CNN be nonpartisan?

When CNN became the first 24 hour news network, it offered coverage not available on any other platform, which earned it a steady viewership.

It wasn’t exactly nonpartisan then, but it wasn’t the wall-to-wall hate-filled tirade it became when Trump began to campaign for president and was subsequently elected to the position.

If CNN does decide to report all of the news in a nonpartisan way, it will become a powerhouse again and exceed Fox News’s ratings.

But don’t hold your breath that it can achieve the goal of nonpartisanship any time soon.