Liberals Already Propping Up Jack Smith Despite Having No Legitimate Reason

September 3, 2023

Former President Trump's legal spokesperson Alina Habba knows exactly what all of the charges against Donald Trump heading into 2024 are:

An attempt to tie him up.

All a distraction.

Liberals know that fighting fair probably wouldn't end up turning out well for them in regards to winning the election in 2024, so they are trying to create a distraction.

Not unlike 2016, when Hillary Clinton made false allegations of Donald Trump colluding with Russia and Obama and Biden and other Democrats went along with it despite knowing that the allegations were false.

Or what about 2020, when any effort to focus on the election was diverted to America's cities burning down in the name of "justice" for black people, while the rest of America was being locked in our houses like we were living in German-occupied Poland.

Liberals aren't looking out for us.

Then who are they looking out for?

They're looking out for THEM.

Despite Donald Trump having billions and billions of dollars, he is able to connect with more Americans than liberals are because he is willing to admit how he acquired his billions.

People appreciate Donald Trump for admitting that the system is broken, but also for being transparent that he needs to utilize the same system liberals are when trying to keep up with them.

When Hillary Clinton attacked Donald Trump about not paying enough taxes, it was because of a system that Hillary Clinton and her friends had set up.

Donald Trump provided a new perspective.

America loved it.

Federal liberals hated it.

So they trained the rest of America to feel the same way. One of the ways they are doing that is by supporting everything that Jack Smith does, despite really having no legitimate reason to do so.

Attorney Alina Habba is one of America's upper class who is standing up for regular Americans, just like her boss Donald Trump is.

"We're not concerned because we know the facts of the cases, which I can't get into, obviously, for privileged reasons, but I can tell you that it's to tie him up," Habba said. "It's definitely political. The motivation [of Fulton County DA Fani Willis] is now under investigation by Jim Jordan for, and I believe Jack Smith should be investigated as well."

Liberal America doesn't want a trial against Trump.

They just need a distraction against Trump.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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