Libs feast on speculation that Ivanka Trump will turn on her family

 October 3, 2023

The liberal media are feasting on speculation that the "walls are closing in" for good on Donald Trump, as a New York court weighs the fate of his iconic business empire.

The prospect of Trump's own children dealing the deathblow has sadists on the left titillated.

One anti-Trump pundit predicted with glee that Trump's lawyers will rip his daughter Ivanka "to shreds" for testifying against him.

Ivanka to flip?

Ivanka Trump stepped away from the Trump Organization to work for her father in the White House.

She has since distanced herself from her dad and his political ambitions, which he continues to pursue despite an unprecedented effort by the left to crush him with lawfare.

Trump biographer David Cay Johnston told CNN that Ivanka will likely plead the Fifth, but if she does not, the knives will come out.

"I would expect Donald and his sons and likely Ivanka called to take the Fifth Amendment," Johnston said. "If, however, Ivanka testifies in any way that's damaging to her father or her brothers' interests, then Donald's lawyers are going to rip her to shreds and do everything they can to go after her."

Show trial

President Trump is in New York this week for the opening of the trial, which will last a few months.

Attorney General Letitia James wants to bar Trump from doing business in New York, the center of his famed real estate empire and home to iconic properties like Trump Tower.

Appearing in court, Trump did not hold his tongue - slamming the judge, Arthur Engoron, and James as partisan hacks who are out to destroy him on Joe Biden's behalf.

As if to confirm that assessment, the judge was caught grinning with irrepressible self-satisfaction just a day before slapping Trump with a gag order and warning of "serious sanctions."

Engoron has already ruled unilaterally - there is no jury in the case - that Trump somehow defrauded banks by overvaluing his assets. Trump says this is bogus, that if anything his assets were more valuable than his financial statements indicated and that the banks were paid back in full, anyway.

"This is a judge that should be disbarred. This is a judge that should be out of office. This is a judge that some people say could be charged criminally for what he's doing," Trump said Monday.

Trump will testify

Ivanka was removed from the case earlier this year after a court ruled that claims against her fell outside the statute of limitations.

Ivanka and Trump's sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric are expected to testify, as will Trump, who confirmed it at court Tuesday.

"Yes, I will. At the appropriate time I will be," Trump said.

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