‘They’ve lied about a lot’: Tucker Carlson blasts Dems’ characterization of the Capitol riot

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is wondering why Democrats and the media would lie about the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 when their false narratives are so easy to debunk.

According to Breitbart, Carlson said during his self-named Fox program Wednesday that while Washington “may never be the same” following the deadly riot, the case being presented by Dems and their media allies as Donald Trump faces trial in the Senate for alleged incitement is nothing short of disingenuous. 

“Florid comparisons”

Speaking Wednesday, Carlson conceded that the events that transpired Jan. 6 marked a “pivot point in our history,” telling viewers that their “descendants will live in a very different country” because of it. But that doesn’t mean Dems are justified in comparing it to some of the worst atrocities in human history, Carlson charged.

As Breitbart reported, Carlson blasted those on the left for making false comparisons in order to justify “reordering your society from top to bottom,” including by purging the military and suspending “basic civil liberties.”

“The Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has likened it to Pearl Harbor, the day that spurred America’s entry into the Second World War,” Carlson complained Wednesday, according to Breitbart.

“Every day we hear new and more florid comparisons from Democratic partisans,” he added. “But last night, CNN outdid all of them. Chernobyl? The Bhopal disaster? The Irish Potato Famine? No. What happened on January 6th was worse than any of that. It was, CNN told us, very much like the Rwandan genocide.”

Of course, “close to a million people were murdered in Rwanda in 1994. That’s about 70% of all ethnic Tutsis in the country,” Carlson said. “Entire towns were hacked to death with machetes, they were set on fire, crushed alive by bulldozers,” he added. “It was among the most horrifying crimes in human history.”

“They’ve lied about a lot”

Indeed, while the attack on the U.S. Capitol last month was inexcusable, Carlson intimated Wednesday that it pales in comparison to genocide around the globe. “There are no reports of rioters at the Capitol Building that day discharging weapons or threatening anyone with a gun,” the Fox host noted, according to Breitbart.

With former President Trump’s trial well underway, there’s no sign Democrats will be backing down from this rhetoric, however. According to NBC News, one of the House’s impeachment managers, Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro (D), warned Thursday during the proceedings that “the world is watching.”

“To fail to convict…would be to forfeit the power of our example as a North Star on freedom, democracy, human rights, and most of all on the rule of law,” he said. “And to convict Donald Trump would show America stands with the rule of law, no matter who breaks it.”

But in Carlson’s eyes, before those on the left can convince Republicans that Trump deserves a conviction, they need to get their story straight. “They’ve lied about a lot,” Carlson said Wednesday, according to Breitbart. “So why wouldn’t they do it again?”

The question remains.

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  2. The demorats must be on drugs, they haven’t told any truth for years. They are the most disgusting group of thugs ever seen. Schumer is a crying idiot. He sounds like a whining kindergartener. Those other managers are total lying and none of them remember their actions of years ago. They make real Americans sick.

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  4. Demoncrats are the followers of Lucifer who LIED at lot that it is already in their circulatory blood system. They are used to lie and lie until their souls will go straight to HELL when they die. Have mercy on their souls!

  5. Greta and Tom you called it 100% they are so called educated,government people who live by Hate,EGO, ! How did we elect these “people” they are “not”U.S. citizens and do not know how to tell the truth
    (unless they get something?)

  6. As long as they have the lowlife scum lying media along with the FBI and DOJ they will get away with anything. The 5 or 6 deaths on Jan 6 was attributed to them. I’m sure they knew what was going to happen and if this country had an honest law enforcement agency (which it doesn’t), Piglosi and crew would be arrested.

  7. There should be some recourse for their lies. Lawsuits have been made of less. Defamation, insisting public discourse, they need to be held accountable.

  8. The democrats always lie. That is all they really know how to do. You can never ever believe a democrat because what ever they tell you is always a lie. The democrats need to be wiped out of our government completely. All the democrats are going to do is everything to destroy that country of ours and most of the people of our country. If it was up to me and I had the power I’d send them all to hell.

  9. I fear only God, one day everyone will stand before Him, rich or poor, believer or unbeliever. Democrats and rebublican. Here is my warning for all people of this world.
    God will do exactly what He has said He will do,if we will only “Believe Him. 2 Timothy2: shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous,proud boasters, blasphemers, withou natural affection, false accusers, false accusers, fierce, despisers of those are good, traitors, heady, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God. lovers of money.

  10. If demonrats can’t tell a lie, they have nothing to say! Very evil, sick individuals! They are too stupid to understand that we are waking up, and will be holding THEM accountable for their lies! We need to fight back, take back our country from the destroyers and force them out of office!

  11. When are people going to STOP LISTENING to a spoiled little rich kid that didn’t even have the balls or the intelligence to work for the CIA after getting a job from them as nothing more than CLERK. It is nice to know that there are people out there that just take the word of a COWARD THAT DOESN’T HAVE THE BALLS OR INTELLIGENCE TO DO ANYTHING BUT LIE ON NATIONAL TV ABOUT EVERYTHING HE SHOOTS HIS MOUTH OFF ABOUT KEEP LISTENING TO THE LITTLE SCUMBAG ALL OF YOU LOSERS.

  12. Demo rats don’t have to try an impeach Trump. They need to know we the people are going to take only so much and we won’t need anyone to spur us on. The rats can say an do anything an get away with it. I am tired of being called a raciest etc. I love America and all the American people but, not all people in america are Americans. People wake up the rats are dividing an ruining this great country. Let’s just follow the constitution an quit interpreting It anyway the rats want. Impeaching president Trump is only because they are so scared of this fabulous president and all the wonderful things he has done.

  13. SO WE KNOW THEY LIE AND CHEAT AND NOW STEAL TO GET WHAT THEY WANT. What will become of it , already there are rats jumping off the boat even before it starts to sink??? The Republicans that have betrayed the President include two that lost the Presidential election and would do anything to hurt the President and have. I will no longer watch Shark Tank and forget his ball team. He isn’t someone I will call a patriot.

  14. I have no doubt that the Senate vote to convict Citizen and former POTUS Donald J Trump will pretty much along party lines with a small group of Republicans joining forces with the Democrats. It was the duty of the House Managers to provide proof that then POTUS Incited an Insurrection attack on the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021. They failed to do that. Their was to Disgrace Donald J Trump to disqualified from ever running for Federal office again to the TV audience and I ‘m not too sure that they even done that. That being said The democrat senators will still vote to convict the former President, which I hope will not gain the 2/3rds vote needed to achieve. However, they can still try to charge him with participating and inciting and insurrection attack on Congress on Federal Property. No legally of course, but legalities’ never stopped them before. Them want prevent him from ever running for federal office again.

  15. The only “rule of law” the democommies believe in, is their very own – -whatever they say it happens to be at that moment in time!

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