Dem Rep. Lieu says Gaetz should be removed from judiciary panel amid sex-trafficking allegations

U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is the subject of a sex-trafficking investigation and appeared on the Fox News Channel this week to address the ordeal.

For his part, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) announced in a cable television interview of his own that he believes his GOP colleague should be removed from the House Judiciary Committee as a result of the criminal allegations.

“A very serious charge”

“During this entire bizarre interview, Congressman Matt Gaetz does not deny a federal investigation against him that is looking at whether or not he had sexual relations with a 17-year-old girl and that she traveled across state lines and was induced by him to do so with payments or hotel stays and so on,” Lieu asserted during a segment of MSNBC’s The Last Word.

On its own, Lieu described the allegation as “a very serious charge” that would constitute a felony in Gaetz’s home state.

He went on to declare that the Florida Republican is “in deep trouble, and that’s why he needs to be removed from the House Judiciary Committee.”

In his defense, Gaetz told Fox News personality Tucker Carlson that the minor female in question “doesn’t exist,” insisting that the “horrible allegation” against him is untrue.

The New York Times is running a story that I have traveled with a 17-year-old woman, and that is verifiably false,” he added.

“Attempted extortion of a member of Congress”

Instead, Gaetz claimed that the story is part of an effort by former U.S. Attorney David McGee to blackmail him and his family out of millions of dollars.

“On March 16, my father got a text message demanding a meeting wherein a person demanded $25 million in exchange for making horrible sex trafficking allegations against me go away,” Gaetz said, stating that relatives involved in the alleged incident were “so troubled” that they approached the FBI with details.

“And the FBI and the Department of Justice were so concerned about this attempted extortion of a member of Congress that they asked my dad to wear a wire, which he did with the former Department of Justice official,” Gaetz added, calling on the government to release audio recordings he claimed would clear his name.

“So here is what needs to happen next,” Gaetz insisted. “The FBI and the Department of Justice must release the tapes that are in their possession that were done at their direction.”

McGee has been adamant in his denial of any claims being made against him, declaring: “It is completely false. It’s a blatant attempt to distract from the fact that he’s under investigation for sex trafficking of minors. I have no connection with that case at all, other than, one of a thousand people who have heard the rumors.”

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21 Responses

  1. Going after Republicans, that’s all they know how to do. I don’t believe anything that comes out of their spiteful disgusting liars

    1. We all know how the Dummorats make up stories to get what they want!! In this case they went too far! It simply didn’t happen! I don’t know what their motive is now, but I am sure it has something to do with screwing Republicans! Gina is right…they are all disgusting liars!!!

    2. Hey Gina, agree 100%. They need to clean out there own rats nest first. This freaking idiot should be thrown out of Congress for lying more than China Joe Biden.

    3. I so agree with you Gina. Matt is outspoken and stands up for the rights of hard working American citizens…and is a key figure for the Republican Party in the future. This fake news is the swamp’s way of having him removed. They will stop at nothing to get what they want.

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  3. Hmmmm don’t remember Gaetz being ahead of the INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE & having an affair for years with a CHINESE SPY!!!! Oh that’s right Gaetz is a REPUBLICAN- Dems never held accountable EVER!!!

    1. I was going to mention swalwella afffairs with Chinese spy which don’t deny and it’s okay for swalwel to sty on intelligence committee. Dems can do anything commit treason I e comey and no problem. Sad state we are in with the criminals running the government

  4. The Dems are trying to damage and remove as many rising star Republicans as they can. All lies. It puts Gaetz in a position of having to constantly defend himself.

  5. When being attacked by Dumbocrap (democrat) just know we know he is innocent. They never attack the RINO’s. Give it some thought

  6. And there are no democrats that should be removed from any position in Congress? Come on, man, tell me another one….

  7. Take the Dems down. What are we waiting for? They are ruining everything we have enjoyed as free citizens in America! They blackball every decent, hard working Republican in this country! What the hell is going on. And yes, I ended a sentence with a preposition.

  8. The left still forget that “until the courts say so people are SUPPOSED to be INNOCENT………..ALL this SMEAR TACTIC just does NOT FLY any LONGER”….
    I am SO TIRED of reading and listening to allegations all he time, would think that people has better things to do with their time than smearing anybody and everybody
    Besides that Gaetz came out with it himself, DO YOU really think he would have, if he was really guilty??

  9. At this point, I trust him more than any made up statements made up against him by the power Hungary.

  10. First take Eric out and shoot him for treason for giving secrets to Chinese spies. Talk about a low life (Eric). Take Cuomo out and put him in jail for killing 15,000 people (his another Hitler – Hitler killed Jews and Cuomo killed old people). Take out Nancy the witch for destroying America. Would you like me to keep going because there are a lot more Demo. to remove.

  11. Why doesn’t everyone wait until a thorough investigation is done..
    Innocent till proven guilty.
    Inclined to think this may go as did the Russian/Clinton Dossier, smoke and mirrors.

  12. Just goes to show the INTELLEC of some CONGRESS IDIOTS. A person of the opposite party should be KICKED out do to ACCUZATIONS. BUT a Congress person of his party had a SPY on the payroll for twenty YEARS, that’s OK. OR how about another one of his PARTY having an AFFAIR with a known SPY and he STILL SIT in on the INTELLIGENCE COMITTEE.. May I suggest this PERSON is so BLINDED by PARTISON politics he should be KICKED out of CONGRESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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