Lindsey Graham calls Herschel Walker ‘a nightmare for liberals’

Neither Georgia Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock nor his Republican challenger Hershel Walker won 50% of the vote on November 8, which means the candidates will face one another in a runoff on December 6.

According to South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, a major part of the Republican Party’s future could depend on whether or not Walker is victorious. 

Graham calls Herschel Walker “a nightmare for liberals”

That was the argument Graham put forward during an exchange earlier this month with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

“They’re trying to destroy Herschel to deter young men and women of color from being Republicans,” the South Carolina lawmaker insisted.

“If they destroy Herschel, it will deter people of color from wanting to be conservative Republicans because you just have your life ruined,” Graham continued.

However, Graham went on to insist that “[i]f Herschel wins, he’s going to inspire people all over Georgia of color to become Republicans, and I say all over the United States.”

“Herschel Walker is a nightmare for liberals,” the Republican senator declared. “He’s an African-American conservative. They have belittled him. They have treated him like crap.”

“The conservative movement for people of color is on the ballot in Georgia,” Graham said. “We must help people like Herschel for the benefit of our country and the future of conservatism. Please!”

Raphael Warnock has expressed support for radical figures

Meanwhile, Republicans are drawing attention to the fact that Walker’s opponent has expressed support for radical movements, such as the antisemitic Nation of Islam.

What’s more, Warnock has also praised the Rev. Jeremiah Wright as “a prophet.” Wright, who once served as pastor to former President Barack Obama, caused controversy during the 2008 presidential campaign after his anti-American sermons were publicized.