Lindsey Graham denounces left’s thuggish attack on the Supreme Court

The left’s rabid, lawless reaction to the Supreme Court’s prospective decision to overturn Roe v. Wade shows that they will stop at nothing to achieve total political dominance, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) warned.

Blasting a “radical assault on our institutions,” the Republican called out a thuggish attempt to intimidate the court by an unknown leaker and calls for radical reform to America’s system of government, the Daily Wire reported.

Graham calls out left’s mob tactics

The court’s Chief Justice, John Roberts, confirmed Tuesday that a draft opinion repealing Roe V. Wade that was leaked to Politico on Monday evening was authentic, but not necessarily the court’s final call.

The usually mild-mannered Roberts slammed the leak as an “egregious” betrayal and vowed to investigate it, even as Democrats, from Joe Biden on down, pounced on the leak to push their radical agenda.

In a statement, Graham condemned the “radical assault” on the rule of law evidenced by the leak and calls among Democrats to end the filibuster in order to codify abortion rights into law. The left’s meltdown shows that they will do absolutely anything to get what they want, Graham said.

“Whether you are a liberal, conservative or moderate, the integrity of the Court has been compromised by this outrageous act – an affront to the Rule of Law,” Graham said of the leak.

“When it comes to outcomes, the radical Left will do whatever they view as necessary – institutions be damned,” he added.

Biden dials up the demagoguery

Indeed, the leak is just the latest in a series of thuggish moves by the left to dominate the court, which included a truly horrifying smear campaign against Justice Brett Kavanaugh in 2018 that brought the nation to a boiling point.

Democrats have welcomed the court’s prospective decision as an opportunity to gin up their base and improve their bleak political prospects ahead of the midterms. Biden has forcefully condemned the court’s opinion overturning Roe but not the leaker, who many on the left are praising as a hero.

Painting Republicans as dangerous “extremists,” Biden, who spent months demonizing Americans who refused to take the COVID vaccine as enemies of the state, is fretting that ending Roe would imperil the right to privacy and other rights the Supreme Court established based on it, like gay marriage.

Dialing up the demagoguery, Biden stepped up his attacks on a co-equal branch of government Wednesday by tying the Supreme Court to the “MAGA crowd” that he called the “most extreme” political movement in American history.

Graham’s a squish, but he’s right about this one: nothing exposes the left’s ruthless brutality quite like abortion.

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