White House staff lists more than 600 achievements from Trump’s first term

Few presidents have faced as much obstruction as President Donald Trump, but in spite of enormous pressure and opposition, he managed to achieve some pretty impressive things in four years.

Ahead of Trump’s final departure from the White House, his staff released a list of more than 600 “accomplishments” the president achieved during his time in office, the Washington Examiner reported.

WH releases list of accomplishments

Impeached once, then twice, attacked daily by the “Fake News,” and accused baselessly of being a Russian agent for years, Trump faced relentless opposition during his four years in the White House, in which he sought to put “America First,” from getting the border under control to pulling out of “endless wars” abroad.

His presidency is to end much as it began — tumultuously — in the wake of a riot on Capitol Hill by some of his supporters that led to a second impeachment and Trump getting banned from the platform he so often used to amuse, outrage, surprise, and inform the American people, Twitter.

Amid deafening backlash, the White House quietly released an expansive list of Trump’s wins, from smashing the ISIS caliphate to confirming a record number of conservative judges and establishing energy “independence” for the first time in decades.

Before the “China virus” hit, Americans were experiencing record low unemployment, and the stock market was routinely bullish.

While the president never did finish his famous border wall, some 400 miles of “the world’s most robust and advanced” wall have gone up. Trump also took a number of moves to cut back on asylum fraud, and in one of his last actions in office, changed H-1B visa policies to protect workers from cheap foreign labor.

Trump to leave Wednesday morning

Trump also established a “1776 commission” to promote “patriotic education,” while banning “critical race theory” trainings in the federal government, and the New York businessman took several actions to protect the sanctity of life that earned him a reputation for being the “most pro-life” president ever.

Not mentioned in the White House list: Trump is the first president in generations to not start another destructive war.

Trump has been quiet and out of sight since a last visit to the wall in Texas last week, where he signed the wall and thanked immigration authorities for their hard work.

In a Trumpian flourish, the president signed an executive order Monday to build a national garden to honor great Americans, including George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Christopher Columbus, Johnny Cash, Humphrey Bogart, and Muhammad Ali.

The president will leave Washington on Wednesday morning after a farewell ceremony at Joint Base Andrews, according to reports.

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58 Responses

  1. President Trump did 600 great things to help keep America going in the Right direction. Think what he could have done with a second term! Now the the illegal Joe and Ho are in they are going to make us a third world social/ Communistic s**thole, beholding to their insane B.S. This admin and it’s “cronies” hate what True American values are and anybody that believes in them. Our Fore Fathers are rolling in their graves. We , as True Patriots need to resist this conversion to their flawed agenda.

    1. Im just sick
      Look at all the flags as where
      Are all the people 80, 000
      Plus that cited for Lyin Biden
      What a corrupt deal as they
      Lied cheated as if something does
      Not happen fast
      Time will tell


  2. Biden and Harris will destroy America – we need to win in 2022 and 2024. If they, the Dems, want to continue down the paper ballot path – Republicans need to Vote Early and Often and we need to deny Democrats the ability to verify the vote. Impeach, Resist, Never Biden, Not My President – all that they did to Trump – Game on!

      1. Every one of the Democrats and 1/3rd of the anti-Trump so called Republicans need to face charges of treason. The FBI is so corrupt, they used to be a very proud organization, and now I consider them Traitors.
        The Working FBI Agents always put their lives on the line, but the management in the FBI are corrupt to the core. The Supreme Court Justices broke their oath of adhering to the U.S. Constitution. I think that maybe Chief Justice Roberts is the person that blocked the SCOTUS from hearing tabout the fraudulent voting throughout America.

    1. Absolutely correct. This plan has been in the works since Hillary lost to Trump. Dems are definitely working their main plan & have several backup plans, as well. If the patriots in this country do not stand up for our country, we are on our way to HELL.

    2. But if the country can’t stop the steal and fraud the Republicans will lose. So help with a way to stop the steal.

    3. well you can bet your sweet butt all Biden will do it try to undo everything Trump did — just wait for the second Civil War that might start

      1. Biden is going to be one of the few that could and will F^%#$ up a wet dream. The kho will be right there to help. God bless and lets hope we can hang on till 2022.

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  4. How can anyone follow a person who says he’s a chrisitian and commits all the offences that ‘the Donald’ does? How can you follow someone who belittles anyone he wants, doesn’t pay his employees, doesn’t pay taxes, uses foul language in front of the whole nation (and world), and lies out of the side of his mouth, then praises ‘himself’ for all he’s done. Nothing was done for America. It was done for ‘the Donald’. Our 45th was the worst president in our history.

    1. You can think what you want to right now, just wait until you disagree with the biden pedophilic policies. You will then regret every negative thing you think about President Trump. Out of everything that President Trump did in the last 4 years helped my family tremendously, the Black, Latino, the LGBTQ, Asian Americans, and native American communities . This man donated his entire salary and his companies lost money. So please explain how everything he did benefited only “the Donald”. Your hatred for anything Trump is amazing, and not in a good way. We will see if Joe and the other liar harris donate all their salaries like Presisent Trump did. Doubt it.

    2. You are what’s wrong with the United States… you’re uninformed, ignorant and just plain stupid if you really believe what you commented.

      1. why do you have to be so ugly??? That’s the problem the past 4 years. So much hate by the nasty Libs, Dems and their comrades

    3. Lee

      Afraid you have it all wrong. How dare you question a person’s religious beliefs. That’s between Trump and God. Better check your facts buddy.

    4. Where have you bine in this 4 years??!! You must be in the younger bunch.If we and you get don’t get killed in this S/S Joe and Go,You may will learn have some Wisdom.God Bliss you.

    5. You truly are a brainwashed idiot. Keep listening to China joe. Your freedom bid gone but your too stupid to understand that. Please stay in your mommy basement. Your to dumb to help America from Communist goose stepping brown shirts..

    6. At least he never stole from the American people or took bribes from foreign countries for his own benefit. Trump was the best president we have had in many years. He cared about people and wanted to help. He put minorities to work, he kept peace in the nation and world never starting a war, unlike other presidents, he reduced the cost of running our government without giving up benefits…..do you want me to go on?

    7. name one offense. You can’t because if there was one, he’d have been nailed for it long ago. 5 years you libtards have been after him and you are all miserable failures!

  5. As I have posted on other sites, I emailed the DCC who asked me for donations against President Trump. I told them I will not support someone who cannot acknowledge one good thing President Trump did. And who will not acknowledge the summer violence, lies by CNN and others, ties to China, proof of voter fraud and other bad stuff. Why would I. Some of you should politely do the same. And if they should cancel me, God Bless everyone and see you that follow God and make mistakes in Heaven!! Give the devil an extra kick and turn the other cheek.

  6. President Donald Trump has always put America first 600 accomplishments is nothing to sneeze at he is also a business man not a politician there is no political correctness or identity politics w President Trump he tells it the way he sees it and not afraid to be honest that goes against many people and has been hated and maligned for this most of the things he has predicted have been right on the money there hasnt been to many times when President Trump was wrong the election was one of them I believe the election was fraudulent it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out for 4 years the media other politicians plus Hollywood have been trying to undermine President Trump from accomplishing any thing they have failed so don’t say our President hasn’t done anything the past 4 years you are wrong w your twisted mind

  7. I love the way some people present their augument about Trump by potraying their own pious attitude about this wonderful man not being christian like .
    While their own statments are full of false narriatives.
    Isn’t there something in the 9th commandment that say thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor

  8. I want to see ONE BRAVE SOUL on the Democrat side of the isle. Say I will not be bullied into agreeing on a Second Impeachment of a President who has already left office. Please allow America to heal! I hope everyone takes notice that AMERICAN’S ROOTING FOR TRUMP during the Inauguration did nothing wring while Protesting! … And the BLM and ANTIFA Groups were getting hosed with pepper spray yet again? Who’s the Bad Guy’s in AMERICA. … Stop Labeling me! I AM AN AMERICAN! … I accept NO POLITICAL LABELS. It’s RACISTS To Label ME.

    1. James ! There are black people and then they are black like BLM reocist.There is a lot of Black people like Trump(👍🤗)Nastisty is you and yours are reocist so think be four OK.

      1. Why so much hatred people have lost respect and caring and all they think about is money this is a great country Our ancestors worked very hard whatever race it was doesn’t matter it’s coming together and helping one another that matters and if we don’t come together we’re headed for a rude awakening think about the suffering that other countries have gone through Think about what Our ancestors went through to make
        our lives so much easier for us think about our children and their children what kind of world they will have the Democrats, Republicans and etc. is not what it’s all about, so stop all this hatred it only makes matters worse think about your fellow American think about truth caring respect and love what’s important now is to bring back hope faith and truth

  9. Must win in ’22 and ’24 but first must insure a legitimate election process. Take steps early enough to make it through the inevitable legal objections intended to keep the event a secret suitable for stuffing ballot boxes if necessary by the Democrat cabal.

  10. WOW! I am ashamed of all the bad words from all of you. Yes ,I am a loyal Republican but that does not mean I think nasty words are to be accepted. It makes us look like the bad ones in the Democrat Party. There are some honest ones, but they are afraid for their jobs and their families. It must be extremely hard for them, don`t you think? What if it were your family? I am proud of OUR PRESIDENT Trump and how he kept right on working for ALL people ,even when they did and said terrible things about him and his family. If he can keep on trying for us don`t you think we should keep the faith in him? No matter what happens I will trust in PRESIDENT TRUMP and God to let the WHOLE truth come out solve our country. God bless our President TRUMP, his family and our country. God bless all of you also.

    1. Believe the Truth! What is happening now is Biblical prophesy.
      2 Thessalonians 2:9-13 ESV
      The coming of the lawless one is by the activity of Satan with all power and false signs and wonders, and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. But we ought always to give thanks to God for you, brothers beloved by the Lord, because God chose you as the firstfruits to be saved, through sanctification by the Spirit and belief in the truth.

  11. Pamela, I don’t want to offend, but your Biblical post is ambiguous and can be taken, (understood), in many ways. Your interpretation is unclear because you don’t identify the “lawless one.” I’ve been told a number of very different interpretations of the scripture you’ve quoted. Also, this same reference has been used a number of times throughout my 69+ years to “explain” events/time periods. Such is the nature of prophecies.

  12. I will be glad too see the Republican Party go down in flames after the way everyone rode Trump!s popularity to get elected and never in four years did they once stand behind him. True, Trump was arrogant to a lot of people and they didn’t like him but he was a True American who put the United States first in everything. Thank you, Mr Trump the people’s choice

  13. absolutely-game on!!!! I can’t wait til they fall on their faces and go down in history as the rotten dems that they are! I will stand with President Trump til the end of time!!!!!!

  14. Well now that lying Biden and ho hum are in just wait. As a person that new him before the move to Delaware, he never played well with others and it was mommy and daddy that covered his six. It is now time to start to PROTEST (riot) against terms. We need term limits. Al Young

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