Liz Cheney vows to exit Republican Party if Trump wins ’24 nomination

It might take a few years, but Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) just promised to give Republicans the best possible Christmas present ever, only if one particular condition is met.

According to Breitbart, during a recent CNN interview, Cheney promised that she’ll leave the Republican Party if Donald Trump is nominated as the GOP’s presidential nominee in 2024. 

The admission that she’s willing to abandon the party should Trump win in ’24 came during an interview on CNN’s New Day Weekend, as reporter Daniella Diaz noted.

While Cheney’s announcement is newsworthy, for many, it doesn’t come as a shock, as she’s been written out of the Republican Party by most GOP voters anyway.

If he wins, I leave

A panel on the show discussed Cheney’s public denouncement of Trump and his supporters.

“She had a lot to say to say indeed. One of them being a question being whether she would run for president in 2024 against former President Donald Trump. She, of course, dodged that question as she has continued to dodge that question since she lost the primary,” CNN’s Diaz said.

Diaz added: “She will not serve in the next Congress. But really notable, as you all said, that she said if Donald  Trump wins the nomination in 2024, she will no longer consider herself a Republican. Take a listen.”

The reporter teed up a clip of Cheney insisting that she’s not interested in being a Republican if Trump wins the nomination.

“I think that Donald Trump is the only president in American history who refused to guarantee a peaceful transition of power. And so the fact that my party in the months since then has refused to stand up to him I think, does tell you how sick the party is. I’m going to make sure Donald Trump is not the nominee, and if he is the nominee, I won’t be a Republican.”

Unsurprisingly, Diaz concluded the report by calling Cheney’s words “incredible.”

1/6 hearing continues

Cheney, last week, signaled that if charges were to be referred by the House Jan. 6 committee, the charges would be unanimous.